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This is the first in a series of blogs we will be doing that focus on Userful as a solution for education. One of the key challenges many schools face is being able to stretch their budget to enable every student to have access to a computer. On top of budget issues, there can be challenges with regard to access to a power source, and getting hardware out to rural areas. Solutions have to be dependable and hardware has to be powerful enough to make the solution work, yet be able to work efficiently on minimal power.

The Lakeside School in Costa Rica were able to utilize the Userful solution to provide a much needed computer lab for their students. The solution provided access to more computers on a small budget, and with little electricity. The 16 stations in their computer lab only use 518 watts of electicity total, and with less computers running, the air conditioning needed is minimal. The entire set up of the lab, including lights, air conditioning, a tv and all computer stations draws under 1500 watts. With wattage coming in at under 2000 watts, their goal of setting up kiosk computer labs in more rural areas with solar power is now possible.

With Userful, Lakeside School is expanding the reach of computer-based learning education in Costa Rica. Read more about this innovative school and project here.