Userful Multiplies and Manages Touch Screens with Innovative 10 to 1 Software

April 25, 2006 - Userful Corporation is proud to announce the general availability of multi-station touch screen software and solutions to its customers and channel partners. Userful's managed kiosk platform, DiscoverStation, now enables one computer to drive up to ten independent touch screens. DiscoverStation® is perfect for touch-enabled applications where customer capacity and throughput are important.

"Touch-enabled applications can be deployed on Userful's multi-station platform at a much lower cost than traditional kiosks and offer the perfect solution wherever you would like to have multiple kiosks in a single location," says Userful President Tim Griffin. "DiscoverStation's multi-station support gives touch-application developers, integrators and customers the flexibility of an interactive desktop environment with 1/10th the hardware, software and onsite service burden. Userful's optional public computer security and management suite further enables central control and monitoring."

Applications such as ticketing, voting, HR, surveys and Internet access kiosks will benefit from Userful's multi-station touch screens. This unique software multiplies the capacity of kiosk deployments simply by connecting additional USB touch screen monitors to a single computer, enabling innovative new high-capacity kiosk enclosure form factors. Multi-station touch screens offer a simple and compelling new paradigm for interacting with computers, information and services. In an industry where the upfront and ongoing costs have traditionally been an obstacle to adoption, Userful anticipates this announcement will enable many new applications for kiosks.

Single user kiosks typically cost thousands of dollars to purchase and thousands more to maintain and support. In addition to selling the software, Userful offers kiosks as a managed service including hardware, software and support for as little as $99 per kiosk per month.

Touch screen kiosks have traditionally been deployed using an individual dedicated computer to drive each screen, with the computer costing as much as $1,000. This traditional approach wastes computer processing resources and energy by underutilizing the computer's processing capacity. Userful's multi-station touch-screen kiosk solution eliminates this waste and allows Userful's partners and customers to reduce computer hardware costs by up to $900 per kiosk by driving multiple screens from a single computer.

"To date, many companies have shied away from self-service kiosks due to startup complexity and cost. By enabling kiosks to be deployed at a fraction of the cost of current single station solutions, Userful's multi-station software kiosk now become feasible in many areas where they were formerly out of reach," adds Griffin. "This price point will open up the world to touch screen applications. Userful's platform makes kiosks easy and affordable."

Userful supports both 3M Microtouch and Elo Touch USB touch screens. Now in version 4, DiscoverStation is a mature platform for providing and managing kiosks and is able to run applications in environments such as AJAX, Java, Flash, .net and C#. Userful's multi-station kiosk solutions are currently in use as ticket vending machines, registration systems, Internet access stations, and patron self service stations in venues world wide. Touch screens support is also now available in Userful's other multi-station products: Desktop Multiplier and Desktop Server.

For more information, visit: products/kiosk