Competitive Analysis of Userful vs. Microsoft Multipoint Server

Userful MultiSeat Linux 5.0™ vs. Windows™ MultiPoint Server 2011

With the performance to play full screen HD video on more than twice as many stations simultaneously, Userful makes it possible to deploy more stations using less host PCs. Include the cost savings of free Linux and open source software compatibility, and Userful MultiSeat Linux 5.0 delivers a superior multiseat computing experience for a much lower cost.

  Userful MultiSeat Linux 5.0™ Windows™ Multipoint Server 2011
Performance Fast Slow
Full Screen Video  Up to 30 stations Up to 4 stations
4 Station 720p Video Performance Smooth

24 Frames/sec.
Very Choppy

7 Frames/sec.
4 Station 480p Video Performance Smooth

25 Frames/sec.
Very Choppy

9 Frames/sec.
10 Station Flash Animation Vector Performance


18 Frames/sec.

Very Choppy

6 Frames/sec.

3D Graphics Software rendered 3D on USB connected stations, hardware accelerated 3D on host PC station. Not supported on USB connected stations, software rendered 3D on host PC station.
Number of Stations Supported

16 (1+15) USB connection
21 (1+20) Ethernet connection

11 (1+10) (Standard Edition)
21 (1+20) (Premium Edition)

Operating System (OS)

OS is free and open source.
Both 64bit and 32bit supported*.

OS must be purchased.
Only 64bit supported.

Classroom Control Included Included
Domain Join


Only supported with Premium Edition

Install & Setup Time

30 minutes (simple)

Single install

3 hours (complicated)

Operating system, application, and security software must be installed and configured separately.



Single license includes OS, multi-user features, and applications. Can be easily pre-bundled with the PC.


With Userful, there is one license type to purchase:


1) A Userful MultiSeat license per user station


OS, multi-user features, and applications each require separate licensing.

With Microsoft Volume Licensing Academic Programs, three license types must be purchased:
WMPS 2011 (Standard/Premium)

1) A Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Standard/Premium license for the host computer
2) A Windows Server 2008 or later Client Access License (CAL) per user station
3) A Windows MultiPoint 2011 CAL per user station

End User & Education Applications Included (Free)

Hundreds of free, open source, end-user and education-specific applications are included, such as: Edubuntu OS, classroom computer management tools, Firefox web browser, and applications for subjects including astronomy, chemistry, languages, mathematics, planning, and more. Hundreds more free applications can be installed with a single click through the Software Center

Not included (Available for purchase)

Some 32bit applications not supported

Office Applications Included (Free)

Free OpenOffice applications such as Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), and Impress (presentations) are included.

Not included (Available for purchase)

Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint do not come pre-installed. Separate application software licenses must be purchased for each user/station.

Option to Multi-User Enable an Existing OS


Available as install DVD or standalone package.


Available as install DVD only.


* Contact Userful for 32bit support.