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Userful and Omni Announce Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier


CALGARY, AB (March 16, 2005) - As part of an exciting global marketing agreement, Userful (userful.com) and Omni Technology Solutions Inc. (http://www.omni-ts.com) today announced the availability of the Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier - The Power of 10.

"Userful is excited about partnering with Omni to bring the power of the Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier to the Novell Channel and to Novell customers," said Timothy Griffin, President and CEO of Userful. "Customers of the original Linux Desktop Multiplier fully understand how the Multiplier delivers on the promise of affordable Linux-based desktop computing," continued Griffin. "When Novell Linux Desktop became available, we immediately saw the opportunity to leverage its power and created the Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier."

The Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier allows a single, standard computer running Novell Linux Desktop to deliver up to 10 independent user stations. By adding up to five dual-head video cards and up to 10 monitors and 10 USB keyboards and mice, the NLD Multiplier delivers the ultimate return on hardware investment - a ten-to-one advantage.

"When I first heard about the NLD Multiplier, I wasn't too sure what to expect," said Guy Lunardi, Novell Linux Desktop Product Manager. "But after Novell's internal Linux Desktop team installed and worked with it, I began to better appreciate the ten-to-one value proposition the NLD Multiplier brings to Novell's customers. This is an excellent example of how Novell partner companies are building solutions for Novell SUSE Linux and the Novell Linux Desktop."

"By leveraging the power of the Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier, companies, educational institutions, libraries, governments and other organizations can deliver secure, affordable, worry-free solutions for multi-user computer access," said Aldo Zanoni, CEO and Director of Customer Service at Omni. "NLD Multiplier customers can look to save up to 80% on their hardware deployment costs and up to 90% on maintenance and infrastructure costs. NLD Multiplier will accelerate the future of affordable Linux desktop computing."

A 30-day trial version of the Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier is available for download from www.omni-ts.com/linux-desktop Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier will be demonstrated at BrainShare 2005.

About Userful

For the past three years, Userful has been transforming the world of desktop computing with their unique ten-to-one multi-desktop software. Userful's innovation of turning one computer into ten has earned them the status of technology leaders in the field of desktop computing. With this compelling ten-to-one advantage, Userful has gained a strong presence in the library market; its mission is to become the dominant platform for affordable desktop computing worldwide.
Userful's customers include libraries, academic institutions, Internet cafes and commercial businesses across North America, and is sold globally through a network of resellers.

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About Omni Technology Solutions

Omni has been helping customers increase their return on Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail investments since 1999. Omni has created and markets a portfolio of management, security, mobility, messaging and Linux software products that deliver real and tangible business benefits to enterprise network users of Novell, GroupWise, SUSE Linux and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks.