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The number of screens and displays in the world is rapidly increasing as are customer expectations of what those screens are able to do. With customer requirements and expectations for displays changing so quickly, organizations deploying screens today need a way to ensure that those screens will support not just the content and interactive applications of today, but those of tomorrow as well. With customer requirements and expectations for displays changing so quickly, organizations need solutions that are nimble as well as flexible.

The Userful platform is a single browser-based solution designed to meet the needs of both AV and IT, allows anyone even with very limited training to centrally control and manage a variety of screens and high-performance displays: video walls, digital signs, desktops (of a variety of operating systems), touch screens, locked down kiosks (of a variety of operating systems) and more. It is a single solution able to address the needs of both AV and IT professionals.

Userful has powered more than one million desktops and interactive displays in over one hundred countries across education, enterprise, retail, and government sectors since 2003.

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Video Wall and Digital Signage Solution

  • Software turns a standard PC into a high performance Video Wall Controller
  • Configure either a single video wall of up to 100 screens, or a mix of smaller video walls and standalone digital signs or desktops
  • Content can include up to 8k video, HTML5, 3D, live TV, full screen browser, content from an integrated CMS, or even a desktop
  • Video walls can be arranged in any orientation allowing for traditional matrix grid style layouts or eye-catching, free flowing artistic layouts with individual displays rotated to any angle
  • Supports pre-set zones allowing display of simultaneous content streams on specified displays within the video wall
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Desktop Virtualization Solution

  • Simplifies virtual desktop infrastructure with an appliance server and client devices
  • Concurrently deploys multiple operating systems with centralized management
  • Supports a range of displays from monitors, touch displays and digital signs
  • Ideal for organizations that lack large IT budgets or skillsets
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Public Computing Solution

  • Fully integrated and locked-down public computing solution with automatic support through the cloud
  • Create any number of locked-down desktop types with applications suited to age or activity
  • Includes optional add-ons like time and print management, wireless web printing, pre-book and reservations
  • Ideal for organizations that need a computer for shared, public spaces
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"If you want to find a desktop PC for probably the lowest price you've ever seen, Userful is making that possible."

- PC Magazine

About Userful

Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from video walls to digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market.

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