Video Wall ZonesWe have some exciting news! We just launched our latest video wall feature: support for pre-set zones. Userful Network Video Wall 8.0 was released this week with some fantastic new features including support for multiple pre-set zones within a video wall. This feature enables anyone to display multiple streams of content simultaneously onto specific displays within one video wall.

This opens up a new world of use cases for video walls, including:

  • control rooms that need multiple desktops, video streams or dashboards displayed on a single video wall
  • team collaboration for efficient meeting rooms and work spaces
  • high-end public displays that need to be able to display multiple content streams simultaneously

When it comes to video walls, traditional AV solutions are often complicated to manage, expensive to deploy and maintain, while some are also limited in their performance. Support for preset zones adds to the versatility of Userful’s video wall, and brings the simplicity of a PC-based, network-delivered video wall to a broad range of new markets.

Now your video wall content can be displayed on individual screens or groups of screens. It is all managed through a simple drag and drop, browser-based interface, so changing the content or configuration of zones only takes a few clicks. Even with this exciting new feature, Userful Network Video Wall still maintains its simplicity and low cost. 

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