Chapter 5

Important Information About Video Wall Mounts

There are many mount options available today. You can purchase a cheap TV mount online, but these are designed for mounting a single TV and so have very limited adjustment.

For any video wall you need to ensure all displays are evenly placed, level and have no gaps. If you go for the cheap mounts, you’ll likely spend significantly more time trying to adjust the displays and you may not even be happy with the results.

Pop out mounts are increasingly popular as they allow you to pop out a single display and adjust it. If you’ve got any displays without exposed sides (eg on a 3x3 video wall the center display has no exposed sides) then you will really appreciate the benefits of a pop out mount. It allows you to easily get access to the back of the display and to the mount.

Here at Userful we’re also often asked for advice on mounting artistic video walls. Here are three good mounting options:

RPT QVT-WD100 Artistic Video Wall Mount

This versatile mount gives you the freedom you need to physically build any layout you dream up. A compact, easy to hide mount made of aviation-grade aluminum, it comes with standard VESA mounts. It allows 360° display rotation at any angle, and locks the display once set so it can’t loose alignment.

Some of the other mounts listed here are restricted to 15° increments so keep this in mind if you truly need “any angle” rotation.

Rpt Artistic Video Wall Mount Qvt Wd100Rpt Artistic Video Wall Mount Qvt Wd100 2Rpt Artistic Video Wall Mount Qvt Wd100 3

Peerless Special Purpose Video Wall Mount (DS-VWM770)

This video wall mount provides a 10-point micro adjustment system to align the video wall displays in an artistic configuration. It also comes with VESA mount for standard display mounting, and allows mounting the displays within a 360° range in 15° degree increments. The system pulls off the wall for easier accessibility.

Peerless Artistic Video Wall Special Purpose Mount Ds Vwm770

Chief Freestyle Rotation Adapter (FRA) for Connexsys and Fusion Video Wall Mounts

An add-on for their ConnexSys and Fusion video wall mounts, the Freestyle Rotation Adapter provides 90° of rotation in a 360° range, with positive lockouts at 15 degree increments.

Chief’s mounting system allows for overlapping displays (Fusion FCADA) or micro adjustments for more accurate alignment (with ConnexSys).

Fra Artistic Video Wall Mount