Video Wall Displays Communicate with Impact

Userful video wall controller diagram

Video wall displays can take an ordinary space and make it extraordinary. Video wall displays create immersive experiences for audiences. They help get your message across loud and clear, and can make the difference when you only have a few seconds to engage a potential customer. Video walls are much more user-friendly than in the past and can come in any size or shape, flat or curved. Your only limit is your imagination. Userful video wall displays can be used in many different and demanding settings such as control rooms, reception areas, concert arenas or stadiums, hotels, offices and retail, amongst others.

Video Walls Made Easy

With Userful, digital signage and video wall set ups are easy with drag and drop set up using our Control Center. Suddenly, video walls are easy to set up, maintain and upgrade at cost efficient price for the highest resolution possible. Up to 6k resolution -- this means that our systems have longevity for advancement in video wall technology. With Userful, you can have up to 60 displays running from 1 computer. Userful works as a video wall controller, allowing multiple types of content to be managed across the displays. 

Access our online interactive Userful Control Center demo here