Video Wall Feature: Mirror Feature Signage Replication

Userful Videowall Controller - Mirror Feature Signage Replication

Userful’s mirror feature is ideal for any signage replication scenario where a customer wants the same image to display across multiple screens perfectly in synch. Userful takes this one step further--with Userful, the mirror feature can be applied across both video walls and stand alone displays, allowing a customer to deploy a mix of video walls and stand alone displays and play the same content on all of them in perfect synchronization.

When customers use mirror mode it significantly reduces the CPU power required per display meaning with mirror mode on, that PC can support significantly more displays and video walls than if each has its own individual content stream.

The mirror feature is ideal for a wide variety of use cases from retail--where customers are looking for the high impact of multiple screens showing the same content at the same time--to sports and entertainment venues and locations looking to duplicate TV channels across many displays. The mirror feature is available at the Standard tier of Userful. Standard tier pricing is now available for download.

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