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    Video walls are the most compelling way to capture audience attention in the digital age. We live in a visual world. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. However, the proliferation of large format displays today means a single screen doesn’t command the same attention used to. Whether in board rooms, public spaces or retail environments, AV and marketing professionals know they need to go big to have an impact. Video walls are the answer. However, not all video walls are created the same. Userful is unique on the video wall market in that it is simple to setup and use, flexible and full featured and yet remains cost effective.


Broad content support

Userful supports just about any content at 4k and larger resolutions including real time content. Users can display HTML5, 3D content, video at 4k/UHD as well as real time content like Live TV, RTSP or other network streamed content. It can even support interactive content using a full screen browser or desktop.

Content can come from one of several integrated Content Management Systems (CMS’s) or from HDMI input.

Video walls any way you want them--grid or artistic

Video walls are all about catching attention which is why Userful serves up video walls any way you want them. From grid deployments of up to 25 total displays to artistic or mosaic-style video wall deployments.

Userful allows individual displays to be rotated to any angle, 360 degrees. It also supports placement of displays anywhere on the visual canvas and allows customers to mix of different sizes and types of display within the video wall. It truly gives the freedom to create any video wall that can be dreamed up!

Intermix content with zones

Userful supports zones within the video wall allowing cutomers to display simultaneous content streams on specified displays within the video wall and change as needed on the fly.

Easy to deploy, easy to use

Userful makes it simple to get up and running. The entire solution is managed through the browser with an easy to use, drag and drop interface.

Easy on your budget

Userful keeps costs low by allowing customers to use just about any off the shelf hardware. The solution works with any display that has HDMI input--commercial or professional displays, TVs or even computer monitors. Userful requires no proprietary hardware, just a standard Core i7 PC and readily available zero clients. By using off the shelf easily available hardware, Userful keeps costs down and ensures customers have the flexibility they need.