A Video Wall Processor That Delivers Cost Effective Artistic & Mosaic-style Video Walls

Userful’s unique approach to video walls makes it easy and affordable to deploy a one of a kind eye-catching video wall of any shape and any size using just about any content.

Cut through the clutter, attract attention, deliver a message, engage with your audience, transform the look and feel of a space. A unique video wall from Userful stands out from the crowd.

How it works

Userful supports any display with an HDMI connection ensuring maximum flexibility when designing an artistic video wall. Mix and match display types and sizes as needed, rotate individual displays or the entire video wall 360°. All display placement and rotation can be done with a drag and drop method or for more precise placement, key in numeric values.

Userful runs from a standard PC and supports display of just about any content including video of up to 8k. Userful offers a cloud management option that allows users to centrally upload content and to schedule content changes.

Live Test Drive

Test drive now and see how easy it is to configure and manage a video wall from your browser.

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