A Video Wall Processor That Delivers Stunning and Eye Catching Video Walls and Digital Signage

Userful makes it easy to deploy a mix of video walls and digital signs within one building or across multiple locations. Manage and schedule both content and layout changes (such as zones, multi-window, picture in picture) through the cloud. Synchronize video walls and digital signs when needed and optionally add interactivity for deeper customer engagement.

How it works

Userful turns a standard PC into a cloud managed video wall and signage controller that allows you to easily deploy a mix of video walls, digital signs and even unique artistic video walls to attract attention, engage an audience, and impress passersby.

Userful runs from a standard PC and connects to displays over the network. It supports just about any content including video of up to 8k. All content can be centrally managed through the cloud and both content  and lay out changes can be scheduled or triggered using Userful’s API. Userful integrates with a variety of Content Management Systems or allows customers to play any content at all using HDMI or SDI capture.

Live Test Drive

Test drive now and see how easy it is to configure and manage a video wall from your browser.

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