Live Webinar

Healthcare today and tomorrow: visual displays and screens have never been more important

Date & Time:
 October 15 @ 8:00am (PST) GMT-7

Webinar Summary:

Digital displays, video walls, kiosks and digital signs are vital tools for patient engagement within the walls of the hospital. Infact visual applications and services have been a vital part of the many digital transformation initiatives that have been transforming the ways hospitals operate and the ways they support and interact with patients. This webinar brings a special customer guest to discuss how Useful's visual networking platform can help healthcare organizations improve patient engagement and operational efficiency.

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • How a changing healthcare industry is embracing the use of digital displays
  • How visualization of data and information can help improve operations
  • How to use displays to engage and inform patients and staff
  • A real-world look at an innovative technology application, deployed by a world-renowned Health Care institution
Presented by:

Daniel Griffin
VP Marketing