Color Calibration: A Must for Video Walls

Achieving unified color characteristics across all displays in your video wall is a real challenge. Uncorrected color variance will decrease the perceived brand value of your video wall. Color variance is typically imperceptible when displays are viewed independently, but when arranged in a video wall, even ordinary viewers are able to discern subtle differences.

Even identical displays from the same factory line will age differently and require calibration over time. Color calibration becomes even more critical for example with art walls when a heterogeneous mix of different displays are being used (where both variance at the outset and over time will be greater). When new panels are required (due to hardware failure or for any other reason) color calibration is essential.

While premium commercial displays often have their own or 3rd party calibration tools, the video wall solution should include its own calibration tools that can be used as a supplement, for situations when a panel might need to be replaced, for deployments that use consumer grade displays or for deployments that use a mix of different displays.

The bottom line is that commercial video wall solutions need to have an easy process to correct color as periodic adjustment throughout the life of the displays will likely be required. An integrated tool can make the process easy enough that business owners themselves can perform minor corrections to maintain color uniformity throughout the lifespan of their displays without having to purchase specialized tools. Integrated software based color calibration can be a differentiating feature when selecting a video wall solution.
The Userful Video Wall provides an integrated color calibration tool that enables direct calibration of color by the user directly within a GUI representation of the video wall layout that can be used instead of or in addition a direct tool calibration of display settings.

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