Work with Windows Easily on the Linux Desktop

Userful gives all the advantages of a the stable, high-performance, virus-free Linux platform, without having to give up using Windows. When used in conjunction with freely available virtual machine player software, one or more of computer stations can launch Windows either within the Linux desktop session (giving the user access to both platforms), or even as a full-screen Windows session on one of the stations, turning that station temporarily into a Windows desktop.

Alternatively, if users only need access to certain several key windows applications (for example Microsoft office), often these specific applications can be run directly within the Linux environment using WINE.

Userful MultiSeat demonstrates the power of desktop virtualization, with the ability to run many Windows applications from within a Linux desktop session.
Easily transition from Windows to Linux

8 Reasons to Embrace Linux

  1. Proven solution: to date the worlds largest virtual desktop deployments have all been on Linux.

  2. Cost savings: eliminate no operating system and application licensing fees, 1,000's of applications are available for free.

  3. Security and safety: reduced risk and overhead of viruses, spyware, and malware.

  4. Performance and stability: Userful dramatically out-performs competing Windows solutions from Microsoft enabling you to deploy more desktop computers on the same server hardware.

  5. You can still operate Windows and Windows applications: launch Windows OS temporarily from within the Linux desktop session, turning that station temporarily into a Windows desktop, or use Windows applications from within Linux desktop session.

  6. Reasons for Government to chooose Linux:

  7. Economic independence and freedom from vendor lock-in: creates local IT jobs, and reduces dependency on foreign software products -- more money stays in the local economy and less is spent on license fees to foreign countries.

  8. Improves computer skills and learning outcomes: exposure to a variety of operating systems ensures students are flexible and can adapt to a changing technology world.

Transitioning from Windows to Linux? Simple.

Userful offers two Linux solutions perfect for an easy transition from Windows to Linux:

Transition from Windows to Linux

Userful Desktop: A complete all-in-one locked down and cloud managed solution to set-up a Linux-based shared computing environment easily. It includes a simple administration website to customize, control, and monitor up to thousands of computer stations.


Userful Multiseat Linux: A basic Linux install DVD or stand-alone package designed so that organizations with existing Linux expertise can deploy zero-client desktops quickly and easily.