How to use Userful Network Video Wall as a video wall processor

Userful video wall controller diagram

As video walls proliferate AV professionals are looking for easy to use solutions with the flexibility to address a wide rage of business requirements with the scalability to deliver content of ever increasing resolution. The challenge for those looking to purchase a video wall processor is to find one that will address their needs not just today but in the future as well. Userful is the one video wall processor that is uniqely suited to address not just today’s needs but tomorrow’s as well. Userful software installs on an off the shelf PC and transforms that PC into a browser-managed video wall server. A standard Core i7 PC can support up to 40 displays on a single video wall or can mix video walls with stand alone single displays. A high end PC can support up to 60 displays on a single video wall. A high end PC can support up to 6k source content.

Customers don’t need to worry about the number of outputs as all content is delivered from the video wall processor to the displays over the local area network. Each display in the video wall has a zero client device attached which is essentially a network addressable video card. Zero clients have an expected life-span of up to 10 years. All the video rendering is done on the PC itself meaning that when customers want to upgrade their video wall processor to support larger content, they do not need to upgrade the displays or even the zero clients. They only need to upgrade the PC that is running Userful software. In this way Userful is a unique video wall solution able to handle today’s needs and yet grow with the customer as well.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about how the Userful video wall solution works.