Userful Unveils Seven Groundbreaking Innovations for its Infinity Platform, Amplifying its Leadership in Enterprise AV over IP

Userful Unveils Seven Groundbreaking Innovations for its Infinity Platform, Amplifying its Leadership in Enterprise AV over IP

Barcelona, Spain - January 8, 2024 - Userful™,  a leading provider of IT solutions for core enterprise operations, has announced seven industry first enhancements for its Infinity Platform that was launched spring 2023. Userful’s software-defined AV over IP platform provides a full suite of integrated AV applications built on an IT infrastructure that is centrally-managed, scalable and secure. It eliminates the operational silos and complexities inherent in traditional AV deployments, and operates on IT standards and protocols, reducing TCO and frees customers from the constraints of restrictive proprietary AV hardware.

Userful’s new enhancements include:

1. Most Advanced High-Power Video/Audio Processing Engine on Earth

Userful has integrated NVIDIA’s most advanced GPU, Ada Lovelace, with its Chronos Video Engine on its Infinity Platform, making Userful’s solution a leading-edge software-defined AV over IP platform. Benchmarking shows that Userful’s platform has up to 2x the compute of its next closest competitor in AV, and 24x the compute of traditional proprietary leaders in AV hardware. Userful’s engine operates at an unmatched 96 4K60FPS max throughput compute.

2. World’s First End-to-End 8K Platform

In addition, Userful’s engine can now deliver 24 8K60FPS, which is unrivaled encoding in the industry. Userful is also announcing the launch of its 8K performance uClient adapter, which is the first enterprise-class 8K decoder. This groundbreaking pairing can aggregate multiple sources into a single 8K stream, ready for delivery through 8K LED controllers and/or to 8K LED walls and LCD displays.Through Userful’s real-time aggregation technology, the creation of a single 8K output enables highest performance, lowest cost deployment of the most advanced control room and video walls in the industry. Fewer controllers, less sync concern, and maximum control through a software-defined architecture. 

3. First Browser-Based Soft KVM for Operations Centers - Secure & Low Latency

After several iterations and improvement in latency and security, Userful formally announces its operations-center-class soft-KVM, uConduct 2.0, as an augmentation of Userful’s quad-play for modernized control rooms. Userful’s browser-based approach can be operated offline (air gapped from the Internet) or online. uConduct provides operators with simplified workflows, while ensuring secure access and low latency performance (<100ms depending on network design). uConduct provides enterprise class security for most commercial (non-military) deployments. Moving to a soft-KVM architecture enables customers to reduce their cost-per-operator by as much as 75 percent. For clarity, competitive offerings require a separate application, necessitating additional service and maintenance, as well as additional hardware.


4. Browser-Based AV Controls 

Userful’s new uControl 2.0 enables both layout switching and whole-enterprise environmental switching. With the touch of a single button, different layouts and different sources (audio/video) can be activated on different screens and different rooms. Scalability testing has confirmed support for up to 200 active screens and LED walls.


5. Next-Generation Audio Service Management

In partnership with Dante Audio, Userful’s AV engine becomes the first that can map a single audio source to many enterprise AV applications. Userful has brought its leadership and years of experience in source management into the audio world enabling more effective and intuitive mapping of audio sources including the integration of Dante Audio. 


6. World’s Most Robust Tool for Centralized IT Management of Distributed AV Services – Global Cluster Manager (GCM)

A first-of-its-kind private management system, Userful’s Global Cluster Manager is the world's only secure cloud-based solution for AV over IP deployments that offers unparalleled distributing, monitoring and managing capabilities. GCM empowers IT departments to efficiently oversee and scale their organization's AV over IP servers. As the enterprise expands its infrastructure, GCM becomes indispensable, providing secure server management, resource distribution, and comprehensive monitoring across the organization. This innovative approach ensures real-time visibility into implementation growth through a unified control point, safeguarding sensitive data throughout the process.

Capable of managing up to 10,000 clusters, comprising up to 5 video engine servers per cluster, yielding 50,000 servers for a total compute of up to 10M CPU cores and 400,000 GPUs under management. Translation: Unlimited platform scalability.


7. Broadest Software-Based End-Point Management in Industry

Userful supports endpoints running WebOS 4.1 and later, Android 12, Tizen, and API management of Novastar and Megapixel controllers. By deploying soft clients at the edge Userful is able to reduce adapter hardware and decoder hardware while enabling admins to monitor and manage displays as nodes. Management functions on the corporate network include screen power management, scheduled update groups, locking of peripherals and image quality management. 

Userful will showcase these groundbreaking innovations at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona 2024, reaffirming our dedication to pushing the boundaries of AV technology for enterprise IT. To learn more go to 


About Userful

Userful™ is a leading provider of software-defined AV over IP for advanced operations of mission-critical environments and core workflows, serving IT organizations worldwide. Userful’s unified software platform provides services and management through a complete suite of enterprise AV applications for comprehensive organizational and situational awareness, and readiness for modernized operations. Userful harnesses the same unified platform to provide global manageability through a single-pane-of-glass.

Built on IT standards and protocols, the Userful Infinity Platform™ is scalable, secure, centrally managed, and future-proof. Its software-defined architecture reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and eliminates the supply-chain constrained proprietary hardware and the operational silos created by traditional AV deployments.

Userful partners with leading global companies powering a technology ecosystem that ensures seamless integrations and end-to-end interoperability. A multinational company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and Calgary, AB, Userful supports customers in more than 100 countries around the world.