Userful Boosts AV-Over-IP Platform for Better End-to-End Management

New developments significantly extend reach of the world’s leading software-defined AV-over-IP platform

San Ramon, CA – Userful Corporation, provider of the leading software-defined networking solution for the growing enterprise AV-over-IP market ($51B by 2027) is announcing updates to its platform that extends the manageability as well as the reach of its platform for enterprise IT teams who want to stream video, IoT data and other visual applications to screens and devices globally.

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform is the only solution in the AV-over-IP industry that supports on-premise, public or private cloud servers allowing enterprise IT teams to deliver video, AV and IoT content to any display or device globally. The Userful platform has expanded that capability with its lightweight uClient application now able to install on more operating systems and devices, expanding the platform’s reach and allowing more screens and devices to leverage the power of Userful’s Visual Networking Platform. 

In the first half of 2022, Userful’s Visual Networking Platform is extending uClient support to Linux, Tizen and Android Operating Systems, as well as WebOS. Among these, LG’s WebOS provides the highest-performing streaming capabilities, flexibility in deployment and NIST-caliber security and is available on the System on chip devices built into LG’s commercial webOS displays. 

In 2022, Userful’s platform will also add support for mobile/portable devices and AR goggles. In addition, Userful is adding network encoding optimization for transport over public, private, fixed, wireless and cellular networks. As in the past, customers are able to manage all of these devices centrally through Userful’s Visual Networking Platform. To ensure better management of all edge devices, Userful is also releasing a new set of edge device monitoring dashboards.

“As the only software-defined solution for visualization and control Userful’s platform offers unparalleled power and flexibility for IT teams who need to securely manage their AV and IoT infrastructure.  Userful’s continued investment in expanding the reach of its visual networking platform is part of our commitment to support IT teams with the tools they need to succeed in a post-digital transformation economy,” says, John Marshall, CEO, Userful.


About Userful

Userful is the world’s leading platform-as-a-service provider in the Enterprise AV-over-IP market—the fastest-growing segment of the IT industry, forecasted to grow from today’s $3B to $51B by 2027, a 60 percent 5-year CAGR. Userful’s Visual Networking Platform is disrupting the market with a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model that allows customers to choose from a suite of highly-integrated AV applications (SaaS offerings, secure, SSO, integrated UI) to support modern service needs across the enterprise. From corporate signage to control room solutions to streaming platforms and data metrics, Userful's solutions enable modernized business operations for IT leaders and the functional departments they support. Userful helps organizations advance the way they work, learn and govern with secure, scalable and centrally managed solutions for employee and customer engagement worldwide. For more information, please visit