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Userful Leads AV-over-IP with Digital Signage Solutions for Enterprise

Announces updates to Visual Networking Platform to improve security, increase interoperability, extend scalability and manageability for enterprise signage deployments.

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San Ramon, CA – Userful Corporation, provider of the leading software-defined solution for the enterprise AV-over-IP market, announces its latest software release which includes advancements to its IT-based Visual Networking Platform, expanding its support for large-scale corporate digital signage deployments.

Early in 2021, with its launch of Emerald Signage, Userful modernized digital signage for the enterprise by converging the content creation and delivery functionalities of a fully-featured Content Management System (Emerald Signage) with the robustness and security and manageability of Userful’s Enterprise AV-over-IP platform.

Userful has now extended that leadership with it’s latest software release that adds key new features to support large-scale signage deployments within the enterprise:

  • New remote management tools including remote reboot capability, power management of screens, managed updates and managed memory
  • Enhanced connectivity for LTE and 5G cellular networks
  • New features for hardened security including remote lock device mode
  • Kiosk mode allowing users to switch between touch/interactive and digital signage display
  • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML

Userful’s platform enables teams to leverage any source (high-resolution images and videos, live streams, web-browsers, dashboards, CMSs, etc), to be used as content for digital signage. Userful also offers its own fully-featured CMS, Emerald Signage, that gives employees from any functional department the tools needed to create, curate, and distribute engaging content on any display or video wall while ensuring IT teams have the tools to manage, monitor and control the AV traffic on their networks.

“Businesses deploying large-scale signage networks need a solution that is secure, scalable, interoperable, standards-based and globally manageable. Userful is leading the way in all of those categories with its software-defined solution for the enterprise AV-over-IP market,” says, John Marshall, CEO, Userful.




About Userful

Userful is the world’s leading platform-as-a-service provider in the Enterprise AV-over-IP market—one of the fastest-growing segments in IT/IS, forecasted to grow from today’s $3B to $51B by 2027, a 60 per cent five-year CAGR. Userful’s Visual Networking Platform is disrupting the market with a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model that allows customers to choose from a suite of highly-integrated AV applications (SaaS offerings, secure, SSO, integrated UI) to support modern service needs across the enterprise. From corporate signage to control room solutions to streaming platforms and data metrics, Userful's solutions enable modernized business operations for IT leaders and the functional departments they support. Userful helps organizations advance the way they work, learn and govern with secure, scalable and centrally managed solutions for employee and customer engagement worldwide. For more information, please visit www.userful.com

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