Artistic Video Walls

Userful offers artistic or mosaic-style video walls that are stunning in appearance, work with any display, support 4k, 6k or 8k source content, and can be setup in a fraction of the time and cost of competitive solutions


Userful has 3 key advantages over competitive artistic or mosaic-style video wall solutions:

  1. Use any display: From a commercial digital sign to a TV to a computer monitor. More importantly: customers can even mix and match different types and sizes of displays for a truly unique video wall.
  2. Intermix different sizes and angles: Any individual screen can be rotated to any angle 360 degrees. While other solutions require the customer to rotate the entire video wall image, Userful allows rotation of individual displays giving true flexibility. And yes, it still supports 4k, 6k or even 8k source content.
  3. A fraction the complexity, time and cost. Why? No proprietary hardware is required, just a PC, displays and zero client devices from the vendors you are already comfortable with. Pixel perfect calibration can be achieved in minutes via our revolutionary browser based interactive setup tool. Literally any content including real time content can be output to the display. Wondering just how much much you’ll save?

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How it Works

How it works diagram for artistic or mosaic-style video walls

Userful Artistic Video Wall VideoUserful Network Video Wall turns a standard PC (Core i7) into a video wall server which can sit anywhere on the network and deliver just about any content onto up to 100 total displays rotated to any angle and placed anywhere on the image canvas for a stunning and unique artistic look.

  • Video walls can be arranged in any orientation, allowing for traditional matrix grid style layouts or eye-catching, free flowing artistic layouts.
  • Display HTML5, Flash, 3D, Web GL, 4k video, RTSP, Live TV, Full Screen Browser, Computer desktops and more. Optionally add one or more HDMI capture cards, allowing input of just about any source content.

Industry Standard Hardware

The Userful video wall solution uses standard, off-the-shelf server or PC hardware and network zero client devices connected over a standard gigabit Ethernet network.

Single install setup turns any standard Intel Core i7 PC into a video wall server appliance.

Network Delivered

Enjoy the freedom to deliver one or more video walls from the same server and store the server anywhere within the local area network. Install an optional failover server to ensure continuous system availability with automated failover.


About Userful

Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from video walls to digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market.

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