Userful Av-over-IP

Standards-based Solution Delivers Any AV Source Using IP Technology Stack


What is AV-over-IP?

AV-over-IP is the transmission of audio-visual information via data packets over an Internet Protocol. In the AV industry it refers to using the network rather than using traditional audio-visual signal transmission.

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av-over-ip includes video walls, digital signage, kiosks, and single displays

Conventional vs. Standards based

Not all AV-over-IP solutions are the same.

Traditional AV solutions used circuit-switched networks and involved proprietary cables and connectors. It was cumbersome, proprietary, and offered limited scalability.

AV-over-IP added specialized encoders and decoders so that AV signals could be sent over an IP network.

The problem is there’s still a lot of cumbersome proprietary hardware involved, and while the solution may be using standard IP for transmission, it’s not standards-based.

Userful & Standards Based AV-over-IP

Userful in contrast eliminates the encoders and decoders and fully embraces existing IP standards. It is not just AV-over-IP, it is standards-based AV-over-IP and relies on a Standards-based tech stack.

Conventional AV-over-IP diagram with encoder, decoder and A/V switch

Standards based AV-over-IP does not require:
  Encoders   Decoders   A/V Switch

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Standards based

Userful’s AV-over-IP Options

Userful offers both an On-Premise solution with a standard, commercially available PC or server connected to displays over the network, or a Cloud solution that connects via the cloud directly to displays with no on-site hardware required.

  Useful Cloud there is No Hardware

Replace These

Obsolete hardware

With This

userful solution pieces

Userful On-Premise

Uses an on-premise PC/ Server to drive and control any digital display or video wall deployment.

All displays in any location can be centrally managed through the cloud.

Deploy any source any where on any screen at any time and in real time.

Userful Cloud

An entirely cloud based solution for customers that do not wish to deploy a PC/Server in each location.

Requires no onsite hardware

Support a limited number of local HDMI inputs

Unlimited number of displays, unlimited video resolution

+ Hybrid Product

Uses a mix of Userful On-Premise and Userful Cloud with all displays centrally managed through one interface.


Learn more about Userful's product and which is the best choice for your digital signage deployment.


Benefits to Standards based AV-over-IP

No Proprietary Hardware
Reduces costs and simplifies infrastructure
Easier to support, update and deploy
Standards based approach ensures enhanced security
Globally Deployable
IP based solution can be operated and fully managed through the cloud

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