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AV the IT way!

Userful's #1 Software-defined AV-over-IP platform allows enterprise teams to securely share AV sources and applications through an IP network in a secure, seamless, and scalable way.
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Empowering Digital Transformation with an IT-integrated AV approach

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform gives IT teams the right tools to manage the back-end of their AV networks, while functional departments deliver content.

CIOs can now standardize on a single platform to support operational workflows more efficiently.

AV-over-IP Approaches

Traditional AV Solution

While conventional AV solutions have added specialized encoders and decoders in an attempt to make their solutions AV-over-IP “ready”, they have done it with cumbersome, proprietary hardware with limited scalability.

While these solutions may be using standard IP for transmission, they promote a siloed approach that is unable to separate control plane and the data/AV plane resulting in:

  • Support for only a single source onto one endpoint (or several mirrored devices using multicast).
  • Limited adjustments to resolution, aspect ratio etc
  • No control layer witch prevents distributed management by IT.

Userful & Software-defined AV-over-IP

Userful in contrast eliminates the encoders and decoders and fully embraces existing IP standards.

It is not just AV-over-IP, it is a software-defined standards-based AV-over-IP and relies on standard hardware, standard IT protocols and a standard network. This approach separates the control plane from the data/AV plane, allowing:

  • Delivery of any and many sources to any and many endpoints
  • Real time adjustments in resolution, aspect ratio, compression, etc. as required
  • A control layer that enables distributed management by IT

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Key Technical Differentiators


Userful’s Software-Defined platform operates over the network, with the option for either public or private cloud servers, allowing users to easily add additional endpoints and screens.


Software-Defined solutions such as Userful eliminate unnecessary hardware (i.e. encoders, decoders, matrix switchers, etc.), which add latency/delay to the transmission of the video content.


As a Software-Defined solution Userful is able to handle increasing resolution requirements, as opposed to proprietary hardware-based solutions that are limited by the device capabilities.

Codec Efficiency

Userful leverages standard codec technology that deliver near-lossless compression and can be used for both mission-critical and non-mission critical applications.

Business & Operational Benefits to
Software-Defined AV-over-IP

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI to ensure learning systems improve and streamline operations.

IoT integration

Interconnects with external sensors and devices from across the network to trigger visual content.


IT teams can integrate existing security and privacy protocols into their AV infrastructure.


Open technology architecture and API ensure maximum interoperability.

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