Luxury Residential Property Sales Office (Australia)

Q1 Design Sales Office in Australia, with a video wall displaying property photos, selected on a tablet interface

About The Project

The install is located at a landmark riverfront location on Queen St. in Brisbane City by one of Australia’s most awarded and trusted national developers responsible for some of country’s most recognizable high-end property developments. The property development juggernaut had a luxury residential building that was ready to begin pre- selling units and wanted to transport potential tenants into luxury with an immersive experience without leaving the sales office.

The Challenge

Real estate is booming in Brisbane and condos are rising throughout the city. In order to differentiate their soon-to-be-finished luxury high rise apartment building, the property development team worked with Q1 Design to create a sales office like nothing seen before.

The sales office is small and the building designers wanted the room to be just as fresh and impactful as the condos would be when completed. With the limited space, displays with ultra-high resolution were a must-have since the salesperson and buyers would be standing less than 3 feet away from the displays. LED displays were not an option due to resolution and high heat produced.

The required elements for this project were:
  • High screen resolution to prevent image pixelation.
  • Small bezels to provide a single ultra large image without disrupting separations between the displays.
  • Ability to change the layout of the video wall—from a single image across all displays, to multiple content distributed throughout independent displays or group of displays
  • Ease of use and management. Sales staff needed to dynamically control the content and displays—preferably from the tips of their fingers.

The Solution

The main requirement was a 10k resolution and given that Q1 Design required specific functionalities that no video wall solution offered, Userful was the only company with the technology to turn their vision into a reality. The final solution consisted of:

  1. (24) 55” LG screens with ultra-thin .9mm bezel for flush aesthetic.
  2. Flexible API integration with Q1 Design’s custom application (Present Plate).
  3. Support high-quality content (unlimited 10k) for the most intense detail.
  4. 10k resolution screens were required to prevent overheating


“Userful allows you to take video walls to a whole new level, the interaction and the interface is unlike anything in the market”

The Result

According to Cuan Naidoo,Founder and Director at Q1 Design:

“Userful allows you to take video walls to a whole new level, the interaction and the interface is unlike anything in the market”
In terms of savings, Naidoo says:
"There was nothing else capable of such high resolutions, and even the ones with 4k and 8k capabilities were about three or four times more expensive”
The custom-built an interactive display with 10k resolution screens spanning 9 ft high draws passersby into the sales center and allows for prospective buyers to envision life in the future luxury condos, significantly boosting sales. The sales team is able to easily control the display by an iPad to seamlessly changes between images of the units, floor plans and 3-D fly overviews of the property, to provide the unique immersive experience.

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