Spectrum VoIP Takes Full Advantage of Userful Video Wall

Empty SpectrumVoIP Network Operations Center with many workstations and a larger video wall displaying data dashboards

About The Project

SpectrumVOIP is a Texas-based hosted PBX provider. They provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology solutions and support, with their Network Operations Center (NOC).

The Challenge

One of the company’s strongest selling points is the fact that they offer unlimited support to their clients, which makes the need to monitor their systems and ensure their correct operation at all times a very important factor.

A key part of Spectrum’s NOC has always been a video wall that allows them to visualize information, collaborate, identify potential issues, and get real-time performance data to the entire team.

Spectrum used to have a series of five (5) 55-inch displays controlled by a single PC with an add-on video card. However, this video wall setup fell short on several levels. It wasn’t flexible enough in terms of what it could display and how the information could be organized. In addition, the array could not be expanded to the scale SpectrumVOIP really needed. Adding to these difficulties, it was hard to maintain and manage taking time away for their in-house tech staff, which they could have allocated to providing support for their product.

The Solution

SpectrumVOIP first found Userful based on an internet search and were immediately pleased by what they say. As David Leidy, President of Spectrum VoIP, puts it “[Userful] was simple, cost-effective, ... plus it had a lot of unique functionality, it allowed us to double it as a NOC video wall and [also] as a large display for training large groups”.

SpectrumVOIP deployed 27 Sony X90E (ultra-thin bezel) displays, of 65” each and the deployment went smoothly start to finish. The team at SpectrumVOIP began using it to display a full array of technical performance information including data from two different data centers, such as statistics on call center queue performance and service vehicle fleet location maps.

Userful’s features, specially the ability to quickly switch preset content and layouts, has greatly helped their performance. Also, being able to show multiple sources simultaneously is a plus, as they can see the location of their fleet of vehicles, as well as performance metrics at the same time, and having mostly web-based content, the video wall controller can natively run multiple browsers.

Userful’s greatest benefit so far has been that it has helped us win some very valuable accounts because it is so visually impressive to prospects.

The Result

Having the Userful video wall has helped Spectrum VoIP’s business significantly. Management now has the ability to monitor help desk queue call data in real-time. All support technicians have real-time troubleshooting information at a glance, helping them to be on top of things. They can now even identify potential problems before they have an impact. According to Leidy, the Userful video wall “helps our technicians diagnose problems faster because of the immense amount of data which is always up and available.”

The greatest benefit that the Userful video wall has brought according to Leidy, is that “it has helped us win some very valuable accounts because it is so visually impressive to prospects. Their confidence in our technical knowledge and support goes up dramatically after they see the sophistication of our support floor.”

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