Real-Time Flight Monitoring at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport with Userful

Video wall in Toulouse-Blagnac Airport displaying advertisement and departure times for flights

About The Project

The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (ATB) is the sixth-busiest airport in France serving over 9 million passengers annually. ATB is located 9 kilometers outside of the City of Toulouse, France and is host to the first European air link (Toulouse-Paris Orly). The airport is dedicated to offering visitors modern terminals, as well as low cost, internationally connected, European and long-haul flights. ATB is the only airport in the world that is host to both commercial air traffic and flight tests of two major aircraft manufacturers: Airbus and ATR.

The Challenge

The airport is dedicated to expansion, modernization and connecting passengers to flights globally. Originally, flight tracking monitors were placed on several screens raised above the crowds, rotating through flights with little more than a scrolling bar and a line of text. ATB was looking for a new, modern approach to digital signage for the newly constructed airport wing to keep passengers informed on all flight activity and promote stores and activities located throughout the terminal.

The airport required a web-based management software with the ability to easily switch between digital signage, real-time flight information and other relevant information as needed. Additionally, a requirement was for the IT teams to be able to change content quickly without impacting existing workflows.

The Solution

Through Abaques, a French reseller with Abaques Audiovisuel, a Toulouse-based AV integrator, ATB deployed a full digital signage system, with Userful at its core. The solution integrated three technologies under one content management platform that would be simple for ATB IT team to manage.

The final solution included:

  • Userful’s Visual Networking Platform as the main system driving all the displays
  • Crystal - management interface from LCS, integrated through Userful's API
  • PADS4 data driven signage platform
  • 8 digital display screens
  • 1 PC

"When designing a CMS, Userful is my choice for API integrations and cost point."

The Result

With Userful, the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport team was able to effectively navigate the applications and display content quickly without workflow interruption. Moreover, the Userful solution provided the additional added value of supporting artistic digital display walls providing ATB with the modern design they wanted. Userful offered LCS and ATB's IT team a platform that is simple to use, connects easily with exisitng products and performs at a high level.

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