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“We are very happy with this solution, we need more! ...So maybe I am going to buy 50 more.”

- Wesley Longo, Club Manager
Tiger Nightclub

Busy nightclub in top worldwide tourist destination deploys impressive network of video walls and stand-alone displays

Tiger Nightclub (Thailand)


The Tiger Nightclub is a 54,000-sqft complex, with 4 floors of pure entertainment, located in Phuket, Thailand (one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world). In their disco, a 20,000-sqft area that features a 4 meter-high statue of a tiger, they have deployed an impressive network video walls and displays (44 in total!). The system consists of vertical grid video walls, independent displays and two 10-display artistic video walls.

Wesley Longo, the club's manager, wanted an edgy video wall on each side of the stunning 4 feet-high tiger statue in the club, and Userful was the only affordable solution that offered him that, and much more. He led the project, deploying the system successfully on their own. And the club-goers are really enjoying the new experience of the digital displays.

Video Wall Case Study: Tiger Nightclub (Phuket, Thailand) | Userful

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Quick Facts

  • 1 PC can power
    a video wall of
    up to 100 displays

    Every display in the Userful Video Wall is connected to the network through a zero client device. Each device is about the size of a deck of cards.

  • Simple

    Configure either a single large video wall, or a mix of smaller video walls and standalone displays.

  • Flexible

    Content can include up to 8k content, video, HTML5, 3D, live TV, full-screen browser, content from an integrated CMS, or even a desktop.

  • Stunning

    Video walls can be arranged in any orientation, allowing for eye-catching, free flowing artistic layouts with individual displays rotated to any angle.