Content Management System Partners

Userful can play the content of any Content Management System (CMS) using an external player, but the following CMS's directly integrate into Userful meaning no extra player is required. The PC on which Userful is installed is also the CMS player.

  • Rise Vision

    Rise Vision

    Rise Vision is an Enterprise Digital Signage Platform that provides everything a user needs to create amazing digital signage for free. Read More
  • PADS HTML5 Viewer

    PADS HTML5 Viewer

    PADS4, founded in 1994, is a globally recognized player in high-end digital signage software specialized in Smart Digital Signage.
  • TDM Digital Signage

    TDM Digital Signage

    TDM Digital Signage is a lightweight digital signage software producer who have created a HTML5 Signage solution which maintained all the functionality that TDM provides in the Android or Windows version of TDM. Read More
  • Display5


    Display5 specializes in building a platform for communicating via digital screens to the occupants of common areas: buildings, campuses, cities, etc. Read More
  • UIEvolution


    UIEvolution is a vertical cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider specializing in highly scalable connected device software and solutions across a broad range of markets, including automotive, cruise, hotel, retail, and more. Read More
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