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Userful has all the high-end features needed for control and command center video wall applications at the best price point.

Userful's software takes an off-the-shelf PC/Server and turns it into a high-end video wall controller. It includes all the key features to quickly and easily control and display multiple content sources on the video wall in real timea flexible way. Manage and control the solution through the cloud or for sites with no internet connection, using the Local Area Network (LAN).

Userful is a Visual Networking Platform: the same solution used to manage control room displays can be used for to drive networked displays throughout an organization including meeting rooms, corporate communication, operations centers, customer demo rooms and more.




Command and Control Module

Drag and drop conent sources anywhere on your video wall and manipulate them in real-time.

What Our Customers Say

We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability.
Integration for virtual machines in the system made the solution even better for us.

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