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Operations Centers Plus Solution

Maximize Operational Intelligence

The only solution in the industry that provides a platform to maximize situational awareness through the integration of operational content for visualization, management, and control of critical information.
Control Room 6

Modernizing Operations Centers

Userful's Operations Centers Plus solution enables agile and adaptable operations by harnessing the convergence of AV and IT. The intuitive interface offers effortless deployment of content to any destination, including screen combinations and video walls. With soft-KVM functionality, operators can interact seamlessly with video wall content or transform their desktops into personalized video walls. 

Our Industry Expertise

Userful specializes in various vertical markets that require centralized hubs where real-time data, monitoring, coordination, and decision-making take place. Our platform enables efficient management of complex operations and enhance overall performance.


Optimize production processes, ensure quality control, and improve operational efficiency.

Banking & Finance

Monitor transaction processing, risk & data management, and enhance customer experience & support.


Improve patient safety, enable effective disaster management, and support continuous process improvement.


Amplify terminal operations, manage safety and security, and support facilities management.

State & Local

Emergency preparedness & response, NG911 dispatch centers, and fusion centers.

Higher Education

Improve campus safety and security, facilities management & communication, and student services and support.


Visualize security content from disparate systems, improve situational awareness, enable mission-critical collaboration, and improve response times.


Ensure the smooth operation of complex networks, optimize network performance, minimize downtime, and swiftly address network issues.

Quad-Play for Operations Centers

Operations Centers

Multi-Room / Multi-Display control

Enhanced Workflows

Support for any Source

Intuitive Content Control

Advanced Layouts

Advanced Operator Workstation

Soft-KVM functionality

Personalized video wall layouts

Manage physical and virtual video walls

Control of multiple sources from workstations

War & Situation Rooms

Flexible quick start meetings

Wired or wireless screencasting

Native integration with Cisco RoomBar
& Room Navigator

Emergency Mass Notifications

Enable your operation center to communicate effectively and intentionally during an emergency

Broadcast custom text alerts on every connected display

Custom templates to create and distribute emergency messages, easily modified for any number of scenarios

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4.6/5 Rated by Independent G2 Reviewers
"We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability"
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Chuck Reed
VP of Operations
"Userful allows you to have high-performing resources—data analytics, computer vision and any type of application, all centralized in your edge compute."
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Nathan Peper
Strategic Business Innovation
"Being able to control everything from a single point made it very easy and efficient compared to what we used to have."
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Daniel Metzger
Manager IT, Help Desk

Why Userful

User Experience

Functional departments enjoy an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for the management of content and individual applications, while IT teams maintain end-to-end control of the platform from a single pane of glass.

Comprehensive Platform

Includes a complete suite of integrated enterprise AV applications allowing easy expansion to support future needs. A unified platform to deliver any content source onto any screen in any location globally.


Operates in a secure closed network environment (air-gapped mode); integrates with customers’ existing security protocols and supports SAML and LDAP for role-based access controls

Flexible Deployment

Userful’s modular, microservices architecture with 1-N server support and virtualization support gives customers maximum flexibility. Deploy on-premise or from a data center (private cloud).


Lowers TCO by freeing customers from the costly cycle of supporting and refreshing proprietary and specialized hardware.

Advanced Integrations

Userful supports a technology ecosystem through its industry partnerships and its API resulting in seamless integrations and end-to-end interoperability.


The Infinity Platform

Providing IT the all the admin tools required for the deployment and management of mission-critical operations.
  • Centralized management
  • Automatic failover
  • Browser-based (HTML5)
  • Enhanced security and system monitoring
  • Automation & intelligent workflows
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