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Operations Centers

Reliable mission-critical performance for your Operations Center

Userful's software solution for visual applications can reduce the total cost of deploying your Control Room by up to 40%.
1000+ Companies have already started using Userful's platform

Hardware-Defined Solutions

Using traditional AV solutions in control rooms or operation centers will force you to integrate multiple independent AV hardware components and rely on complex decentralized architectures to achieve your video wall requirements.

  • Increased maintenance burden
  • Excess proprietary hardware
  • Expensive total cost of ownership
  • Multiple independent AV components

Software-Defined Solutions

Userful removes the need for excess proprietary hardware from your project by utilizing an private or public cloud architecture that connects all your sources directly to your video wall.

  • Simplified troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Single server replaces all proprietary hardware
  • Reduced hardware & cabling costs by up to 40%
  • Minimal potential points of failure in your system

Software-Defined AV-over-IP

By leveraging standard-based systems and the adaptability of software, your solution will not only be constantly updated with new feature releases but also have major upgrades and innovation without having to replace a single piece of hardware.

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform allows IT teams to securely manage and scale the increasing number of AV and IoT applications required to run a digitally transformed enterprise.

Reliable and secure

Server in a secure location, and fully locked down software ensure security and peace of mind.

Unlimited Sources

Add any content source (Native Web Browsers, VNC , RTSP/RTP etc.) at no extra cost.

Failover Server

Reduce down time and increase availability with a second fail-over server.

24/7 Support

Increase uptime and troubleshoot issues with our 24 hour support team.

Intuitive interface

Simplifies collaboration and interaction on the information at all times.

Industry Leading TCO

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by removing the need for proprietary hardware.


Anywhere Operations

Allow your operators, no matter where they are located, to control and stream any source of information to any screen around the globe using a keyboard & mouse. This will enhance real-time collaboration and improve your operators’ situational awareness.

The flexibility of delivering the video wall content via the network, and having the streamlined zero clients on-site, rather than having media players, and controllers that take up a lot of space, is a great advantage to the Userful solution.
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Stephen Lee
Vice President of Tuck Technologies, Dataminr
control room feature role based access control

Role Based Access Control

Designate and restrict specific features based on custom teams. Assign users to groups based on team member or individual roles.

From a technical standpoint, it was the most modern way to present a video wall and the most flexible.
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Sean Loosier
Solution Developer, Deloitte

Connect Any Display

Userful’s software solution is display-agnostic and built to run on open, non-proprietary hardware. This means you can remove substantial amounts of hardware and reduce installation costs, and points of failure.

The flexibility of the Userful devices allows us to use the same system for individual display or for display walls. This allows our digital display dollars to go further and thus allowing us to invest in a more robust digital display environment)
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Adam S.
CTE Director, Cheney School District

User-Friendly Collaboration & Visualization

Userful Diamond Decision is the native application of The Userful Visual Networking Platform developed to ensure operators are able to easily and directly interact with content sources and collaborate in real-time.

Unlimited Dynamic Sources

 Unlimited Dynamic Sources
Add any content source (Native Web Browsers, VNC, RTSP/RTP etc.) with no extra licensing costs.

Flexible Workflow

Flexible Workflow
Easily share, add, change, or remove sources of information using the same platform.
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Userful Enterprise Optimizes Control Rooms

Content from any source to any combination of screens and video walls and interact with those sources in real-time.

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