Control Room Comparison

  Userful Hiperwall Planar Matrix VuWall Polywall Matrox
Cost $ $$ $$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$
Max Source Resolution 8k 4k 4k 4k 6k 8k
Built-in Content Player
Multiple Simultaneous Sources
Setup Complexity Low High Medium High High Very High
Server Location and Relay Anywhere within LAN Anywhere within LAN Within 330' from Video Wall Next to Video Wall Next to Video Wall Next to Video Wall
Maximum Number of Displays Supported 100 - 16 56 Depends on the controller used Depends on the card series used (56 or 18)
Support for Mix of Sizes and Aspect Ratios yes yes Yes (only proprietary displays) no no no
Full Screen Browser or Fully Functioning Desktop
HDMI Capture
Realtime Content
Configuration & Management
Drag'n'Drop Management Interface
Easy Color Calibration
Interactive display alignment
Control from Mobile Device
Bezel Correction -
Real-time Content Drag'n'Drop manipulation -
Multiple sources on sections (Zones)
Mult-window: multiple windows within a display or across bezels
Preset content mapping, layout and settings for quick recall -
Remote control of presets and content from any device -
Interactive Viewer
Content Scheduling
Picture in Picture
Cloud Based Management
IP-Based capture of Desktops
Role-Based Access Control

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