Attract Attention, Engage Your Audience, Increase Sales

Synchronize video walls and digital signs and optionally add interactivity for deeper customer engagement.

A Video Wall Processor That Delivers Stunning and Eye Catching Video Walls and Digital Signage

Userful makes it easy to deploy a mix of video walls and digital signs within one building or across multiple locations. 

Manage and schedule both content and lay out changes (such as zones, multi-window, picture in picture) through the cloud. Synchronize video walls and digital signs when needed and optionally add interactivity for deeper customer engagement.

How It Works

Userful turns a standard PC into a cloud managed video wall and signage controller that allows you to easily deploy a mix of video walls, digital signs and even unique artistic video walls to attract attention, engage an audience, and impress passersby.

Userful runs from a standard PC and connects to displays over the network. It supports just about any content including video of up to 8k.  All content can be centrally managed through the cloud and both content  and layout changes can be scheduled or triggered using Userful’s API. Userful integrates with a variety of Content Management Systems or allows customers to play any content at all using HDMI or SDI capture.  

Live Test Drive

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What Our Customers Say

The system is lightning fast to setup. What would have taken 1-2 days with our previous solutions took about 1 hour.
I am really looking forward to doing another one (video wall) and another one and another one.
Very pleased with the Userful solution, which has delivered as promised..and far easier to maintain and operate.

Our CMS Partners

Userful can play the content of any Content Management System (CMS) using an external player, but the following CMS's directly integrate into Userful meaning no extra player is required. The PC on which Userful is installed is also the CMS player.


Lobbies Convention Centers Digital OOH
Showrooms Amphitheaters Education
Venues Hospitality Government
Stadiums Museums Medical
Casinos Entertainment Real Estate
Concert Halls Public Information QSR/Fast Casual
Fairs Retail Stores

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Video Wall Product Comparison Chart

Video Wall Product Comparison Chart

Check out this product comparison chart for feature by feature comparison of multiple video wall controller solutions.
Case Studies

Case Studies

Learn more about how Userful has helped customers deploy eye-catching, easy-to-use video walls and digital signs in our video and text case studies.
Demo Videos

Demo Videos

Watch this series of 2 minute demo videos in sequence beginning to end or choose the video that’s of most interest from the index. Ideal way to learn more about a specific Userful feature or get deeper dive into the complete solution.