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What Is A Visual Networking Platform

Organizations around the world are significantly increasing their use of visual display applications to address a variety of needs from process automation and operational productivity to improved customer engagement and internal communication. To meet these rapidly growing requirements, corporate IT departments need a visual networking platform: a centrally managed solution that is flexible enough to support a variety of use cases across multiple departments and across multiple locations.


The Visual Networking Platform

Introducing Userful

Userful is uniquely suited to support an enterprise’s diverse video wall and digital display requirements while significantly reducing hardware costs. Userful operates over the network, requires no proprietary hardware and does not need a PC or player at every screen.

Userful’s intuitive graphical interface makes it easy manage the content sources displayed on individual screens or video walls. Display any content source anywhere on any video wall or display at any time--web pages and other network sources, desktops (locally connected or streamed over the network), local content captured via HDMI, video up to 8k.

Displays or video walls can be easily be divided and subdivided to display multiple sources in flexible ways using zones, multi-window and picture in picture.

Customers can deploy either an On-Premise solution with an on-site server in each location, or a Userful Cloud solution in which there is no server on site and displays connect directly to Userful Cloud.


Userful On-Premise

The on-premise Userful server connects over the Local Area Network to stateless zero client receivers, each of which then connects via HDMI to a display. A single PC/Server can drive up to 100+ screens deployed in a single video wall, in multiple video walls, in groups of mirrored displays or in individual independent screens.

The Zero Client Receiver does no processing work, it simply receives and outputs pixels. All the content rendering is done on the server.

Userful certifies specific PC and Server models which can be rack mounted in a server room or in another secure location.

Administrators have the option to manage Userful On Premise solutions locally via the LAN or through the cloud. Cloud management gives customers the freedom to centrally manage their displays and the content on those displays from anywhere, but there is no requirement for cloud management. Userful does not need to have an internet connection and can be managed offline.

Userful Cloud

For customers ready to move to a cloud based solution, Userful’s on site server is replaced by Userful Cloud. The solution still delivers maximum flexibility in terms of content and central control but the solution requires no on site hardware--no server or controller and no device at each display.

Simply add Userful’s uClient app to any LG webOS display and connect to Userful Cloud. Administrators can manage an unlimited number of displays in any configuration: synched as a video wall or as individual screens.

Userful Cloud supports a wide variety of content including HDCP restricted content. Customers can connect local content via HDMI or DisplayPort or upload video up to 4k (unlimited resolution coming soon). Displays can be rotated to any angle, or connected in non standard layouts such as a banner or column. Scheduling allows customers to change content and configuration based on time and day.


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