Userful is a visual networking platform that supports all your display or video wall needs

Improving the traveller experience from arrival to departure and every stage in between.

One of a kind artistic video walls

A unique video wall helps promote your brand and wow everyone who comes through the door.

Key Feature

Any angle rotation of individual displays and support for a mix of display sizes and types on a single video wall delivers total creative freedom.


Large and immersive video walls

Create a unique environment with video walls and displays that surround and immerse your guests.

Key Feature

With an intuitive GUI, it’s easy to synch content across multiple video walls and individual displays.

Engage and Entertain

Use visual displays and video walls to entertain, to wow and to ensure a memorable night out--keep your guests coming back for more.

Key Feature

Deploy a video wall of up to 100+ screens displaying 8k video using just a single standard PC.


Security, NOC, operations centers and control rooms

Security Centers and Network Operation Centers need video walls to ensure situational awareness and to facilitate decision making.

Key Feature

An easy-to-use GUI gives granular control over the video wall allowing security footage, network sources or any other content to be displayed anywhere on the video wall at any time.

Trusted By Industry Leaders Worldwide

"The support for real-time interactive content, seeing how simple it was to manage, was what really convinced me that Userful was the solution we were looking for"

Jose Manuel Fernandez

Systems Engineer


How It Works

Userful's software turns a single off-the-shelf PC or Server into a high-end display and video wall controller that can drive 100s of screens over the network with no need for additional media players.

Deploy video walls and displays in any creative configuration you want with content up to 8k resolution. Immersive video walls, artistic video walls, video walls that are large or small, Userful supports it all. 

Cloud management makes it easy to centrally manage and to schedule content changes.

By using commercial off the shelf hardware and the network, Userful makes deployment and management simple and ensures the lowest TCO on the market. 

Userful is secure, scalable and easy to manage solution with an industry leading TCO.


Userful For Casinos

Userful is a single platform that makes it easy to deploy high performance, flexible and secure displays and video walls throughout your casino for marketing, customer engagement and to improve the guest experience.

Displays and video walls are vital marketing tools in casinos today and many companies find themselves juggling multiple video platforms to address all their needs. This unnecessarily increases costs and overhead.

Userful changes that with a single platform that centralized drives all your displays and provides centralized control.

Userful makes it easy to deploy manage and control networked displays and video walls throughout the casino, regardless of where they are, and of how they’re used.

Userful’s visual networking platform:

  • Helps you reduce the costs and the operational burden be eliminating the need for a media player or computer behind each display.
  • Supports unique one of a kind video walls that will attract attention like no other.
  • Makes it easy to centrally manage content. No need for an additional content management system, Userful has it all.
  • Allows you to easily scale and add more screens and visual applications as needed.
  • Ensures your solution is Secure. Userful is a security leader. To learn more, download our white paper.