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Certified Solution for Philips Displays

Leverage the power of Philips Commercial Displays in conjunction with Userful’s Infinity Platform to modernize Enterprise AV applications and infrastructure.
Userful Certified solutions Partner

Certified Displays

Scale Your Corporate Signage

Maximize your corporate digital signage management and scalability by leveraging Philips D-Line LCD displays and Userful’s Infinity Platform. The Userful uClient software player seamlessly runs on the System on Chip (SoC) displays of the D-Line displays running Android 8.

  • Philips D-Line Display 43BDL4550D/00
Phillips Display-43BDL4550D

Modernized Operations

With Userful you can use the same platform to distribute and manage content on Philips L-Line dvLED Displays to modernize operations centers that require high resolution, operator flexibility, and real-time visualization of mission-critical information.

  • Philips L-Line 6000 Series
Philips-6000 series_front image

Certification Guide

Philips and Userful Certified Solution Data Sheet

Download Certification Guide
Userful & Phillips

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