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Userful Offers a Range of Options to Meet all Visual Display Application Needs

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Userful Standard

Userful Standard makes it easy to deploy simple video walls and stand alone digital signs using either an off the shelf certified PC/Server or a cloud server. With support for 2x2 and 3x3 single source video walls as well as individual digital screens, Userful Standard is designed for digital signage applications and includes scheduling and cloud-based content management.


Deploy using either an on-premise server or a cloud server.


Userful Professional+

Userful Professional+ makes it easy to deploy eye-catching and engaging video walls using any grid or artistic configuration with an unlimited number of screens, unlimited content resolution and any aspect ratio, and any aspect ratio up to 8k video resolution using up to 100+ screens all from a single standard PC/Server connected to displays over the network. Ideal for a wide variety of video wall applications and simple corporate dashboards.


Userful Enterprise

Userful Enterprise is built for control rooms, operation centers and other environments that require real time interactivity, control and maximum flexibility on how sources are displayed. Deploy any content source to any combination of screens and video walls in real-time using an on-site server connected to displays over the network.


Userful LED

Userful LED is for any LED wall deployment including control rooms and operation centers, large video installations, multisource deployments, and anywhere customers want to integrate a LED wall into the rest of their display assets using a Visual Networking Platform.

servers options

Deploy Userful Servers On-Premise or in the Cloud

Userful Manager, the tool-set used to control and manage screens within one site or around the world, works seamlessly with both on-premise and cloud servers. Allows customers to centrally manage a hybrid deployment of both on-premise and cloud servers.

Learn more about Userful’s Server Deployment Options

Compatible server variants:

On-Premise Server

A dedicated private server, operates online with management through the cloud, or operates offline managed within the LAN.

Cloud Server

Deploy a Userful on a Hosted Cloud Service, either a Public Cloud hosted by AWS or on a dedicated public cloud account.

Data Center Coming soon

Hardware options that scale to meet your needs to stream any content source to displays across the Wide Area Network (WAN).

Hybrid Deployment

Mix multiple server types across a single organization and manage the entire deployment through a single toolset.