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Certified Hosting

Take advantage of hardware freedom with Userful’s Infinity Platform, offering a range of deployment options.

Deploy Anywhere

Userful redefines traditional AV setups, providing unmatched flexibility.
Our platform seamlessly integrates into any environment, enabling deployment anywhere without extensive hardware requirements.

Hyper-V, Promax, vm-ware vSphere

Certified Hypervisors

Choose from our tested and proven certified hypervisors that ensure top performance, reliability, and compatibility. 

 AMD-Epyc, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, SuperMicr, Intel

Certified Servers

Userful offers certified specifications for self-sourcing hardware and provides flexible options to choose components based on your needs or select from our tested servers.

Self-Sourcing Specs

Maximize Performance With the Most Advanced AV Processing Engine

Userful leverages NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPUs for advanced AV processing, enhancing the Infinity Platform's capabilities with high-quality visuals and real-time content distribution.

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Transform Any Display Into A Smart Display

Leverage the power of smart displays or connect a uClient adapter to upgrade regular displays, unlocking advanced functionality.

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Integrated Hardware Solutions


Userful leverages AMD EPYC processors to deliver scalable, high-performance AV solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce costs for complex, large-scale deployments.


Userful includes drivers and certifications to work with a select set of Blackmagic video capture cards to ingest sources with up to 4K resolution HDMI inputs.


Cisco RoomOS devices can be
paired with Userful for enhanced conferencing and secure collaboration capabilities.

Digigram | Dante Audio

Easily map and manage different audio signals as their own sources to many different connected speakers from the Userful platform.

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Userful integrates effortlessly with Dell's hardware, leveraging certified server specifications for optimal performance and compatibility.


Userful collaborates with HP to offer certified server options, providing users with tested and proven hardware for optimal performance.


Enables flexibility, scalability, and efficient resource management, ensuring optimal performance and easy maintenance of AV solutions within virtualized environments.


Userful's integration with Intel-based systems is robust, leveraging certified server specifications to deliver high-performance and compatibility across the tech stack.


Lenovo users benefit from Userful's integration, utilizing certified server specifications for a smooth and compatible experience tailored to their needs.

LG Business Solutions

The Userful Infinity Platform integrates uClient onto LG webOS displays, offering flexibility and manageability with less hardware.

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Megapixel LED controllers are certified to work out of the box with Userful’s platform, creating complete end-to-end LED solutions especially when paired with Unilumin LED.

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Novastar LED controllers integrate seamlessly with Userful's system, providing perfectly synchronized 8K content to any size LED walls, plus management of the controller from Userful's management UI.

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Userful harnesses NVIDIA GPUs for real-time content rendering and distribution via a standards-based AV over IP setup.

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Userful has tested functionality for Philips Android SoC displays for digital signage, increasing the use case flexibility for Philips displays.

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By integrating with Proxmox, Userful delivers scalable, cost-effective AV solutions using virtualization efficiency, high availability, easy management, and IT infrastructure compatibility.


Userful tested Samsung Tizen SoC displays for digital signage, expanding their use and giving Userful customers more display options to reduce hardware deployment.


Userful has tested and certified out of the box functionality for Sony Android SoC displays, further increasing the use case flexibility for Sony displays.

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Userful integrates Supermicro servers for reliable, scalable AV solutions with seamless content distribution across multiple displays.


Userful’s platform has been extensively tested with Unilumin LED products, providing a high-quality solution, especially when paired with Megapixel controllers.

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Integrating with VMware provides flexible, scalable, resource-optimized solutions with robust management capabilities that are compatible with existing IT ecosystems.

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