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Userful Enterprise

For Mission-Critical Deployments

Content from any source to any combination of screens and video walls and interact with those sources in real-time.
 EMT Madrid Control room with two workers monitoring roads and data displayed on a video wall
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Key Features

A Feature-rich Solution for Mission-Critical Deployments

Stream any source to any screen

Our streaming technology ensures compatibility for all applications and content sources needed. Stream any content source onto any display.

Role Based Access Control

Designate and restrict specific features based on custom teams. Assign users to groups based on team members or individual roles.

Enterprise Security

Architectural approach, ability to set a server in a secure location, and fully locked down software ensure security and peace of mind.

Unlimited Sources

By ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time, Userful helps turn data and information into operational awareness and operational excellence.

Supervisor dashboard

Allows managers to simultaneously view near-real-time video streams of the live content on all their control room video walls and LED walls from a single browser web page.

Automated Failover

On-Premise servers offer options to add backup servers to ensure continuous system availability. Settings are automatically shared between the primary server and backup server.

Source Switcher

Non-admin staff can change sources on any video wall or display with a single touch on a tablet or phone from source switcher options enabled by the Administrator.

Preset Switcher

Administrators can preset multiple layouts and content configurations across all displays and either staff or administrators can invoke presets using any device.


The browser-based interface allows easy-to-use drag and drop for setting up displays and managing content. Manage locally via the LAN or use the cloud to centrally manage displays globally.


Enables users to display sources in inset windows while the main source content continues to play in the background.

Monitoring Tools

System diagnostic alerts and analytics visualizations to help identify potential network or server resource constraints before they affect performance.

Mirror Group

Synchronize playback of a single source across multiple displays or video walls (the same content plays at exactly the same time).

Interactive viewer

Software KVM feature allows you to control the keyboard and mouse of interactive sessions from a browser


Schedule content and layout changes on all displays, video walls and LED walls across multiple locations.


Userful REST API allows customers to programmatically interact with the video walls and displays using third-party applications.

Creating an LED wall control room layout with a data map, insights, chart data, dashboard, and data type by dragging and dropping content

Command & Control

Full control to place windows free form to create your custom workspace, in real-time. Software KVM allows keyboard and mouse interaction.

We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability
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Chuck Reed
VP of Operations , Lightbound
4 Userful Cloud Server card interfaces for different types of subscriptions and locations, with different time zones

Easy to Manage

Userful Manager allows customers to centrally manage and control Userful servers, displays and then content on them either locally for offline deployments or through the cloud for online deployments.

Userful Manager and the Supervisor Dashboard make it easy to remotely manage and monitor multi-site deployments worldwide.

Local source shared over central location and 2 sister locations, all located on different parts of a satellite image Earth

Secure Enterprise Streaming

Enable multiple locations to securely share local sources over the network to their sister sites.  Ensures better collaboration across sites and improves operators’ situational awareness.

We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability
Quote author headshot
Chuck Reed
VP of Operations , Lightbound
Logistics employee typing at his office desk in front of a video wall, then remotely from his home desk in front of a window

Anywhere Operations

Deliver the flexibility needed for collaboration across sites or even from home offices. Remote staff can securely view and interact with content on their Userful displays from a remote location.

Userful was the easiest and most intutive to use, while still remaining competitive.
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Kea Lam
Billing Supervisor, Yusen Logistics

Visual Networking Platform Data Sheet

Download datasheet for summary full feature list.

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Industries & Verticals

A Featureful Solution for a Wide Variety of Use-cases


Control rooms

Control Rooms need video walls to ensure situational awareness and to facilitate decision-making in mission-critical environments.


Data and Dashboards

Use displays to show dashboards, and business intelligence. Ensure all staff has the data and information they need at their fingertips.


Meeting/conference rooms

Use a video wall for collaboration and for video conferencing. Ensure your team works together efficiently whether in one office or many.


Executive office walls

Display multiple data sources, connect desktop for presentations, or for video conferencing in executive suites.


NOCs and SOCs

Network Operation Centers and Security Operation Centers need video walls to monitor key infrastructure.

Servers Options

Deploy Userful Servers On-Premise or in the Cloud

Userful Manager, the tool-set used to control and manage screens within one site or around the world works seamlessly with both on-premise and cloud servers allowing customers to centrally manage a hybrid deployment of both on-premise and cloud servers.

Learn More About Deployments

On-Premise Server

A dedicated private server operates online with management through the cloud or operates offline managed within the LAN.

Cloud Server

Deploy a Userful on a Hosted Cloud Service, either a Public Cloud hosted by AWS or on a dedicated public cloud account.

Data Center

Hardware options that scale to meet your needs to stream any content source to displays across the Wide Area Network (WAN).

Hybrid Deployment

Mix multiple server types across a single organization and manage the entire deployment through a single toolset.

Visual Networking Platform

Looking for a complete platform that can handle multiple deployment types across different locations?

Userful’s complete Visual Networking Platform allows IT administrators to centrally manage all their displays and display applications globally.
Learn About Our VNP Server using Userful visual networking platform in mission critical, executive, logistics, retail and meeting rooms at once