Hybrid Product

Deploy both Userful Cloud and Userful On-Premise


Working Together

On-premise and Userful Cloud work together in a hybrid solution that connects displays and video walls directly to the cloud when possible, or utilizes an on-site server when more robust processing power is required due to the number of sources or the demands of interactive content.

Maximize efficiency and scalability

Both Userful Cloud and Userful On Premise allow customers to deliver any content source to any display in real time with the least amount of intervening hardware. Ensure maximum efficiency and scalability by utilizing our uClient app installed directly to any smart display.



Easy Access Through the Browser

Userful Cloud and Userful On-Premise share the same browser based interface available through the cloud (or available in the local area network for offline deployments). Configure, control and interact with all displays and video walls and the applications on them regardless of whether they are supported by an on-premise server or a cloud server.

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