Server Architecture

Userful Server Deployment Options

Userful offers a variety of server deployment options to ensure customers have all the flexibility they need.
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AWS dedicated servers and Userful On-premise server

On-Premise & Cloud Servers

Userful Server On-Premise or in the Cloud

Customers can either deploy their Userful Server On-Premise or in the Cloud.

Both Cloud and On-Premise deployment options offer access to Userful Manager so that regardless of which server deployment option you choose, you can manage all the servers, content and displays from a single management interface.

This ensures that a hybrid deployment which mixes both On-Premise servers and Cloud servers is easily managed using a single interface.

On-Premise server

A dedicated private server that can operate online with management through the cloud, or can operate offline with all management done within the LAN.

Cloud server

Deploy a Userful on a Hosted Cloud Service, either a Public Cloud hosted by AWS or on a dedicated public cloud account.

Data Center New

Hardware options that scale to meet your needs to stream any content source to displays across the Wide Area Network (WAN).

How it works

Userful Cloud & On-Premise server solutions


Sources available with an on-premise servers versus with a cloud server

Sources available to deployments using an
on-premise server are virtually unlimited and include:

RDP RTP RTSP Web Browser VNC HTML5 Video Network streamed sources Integrated CMSs data from AI and IOT HDMI and SDI capture and more

Sources available to deployments using an
cloud server include:

HDMI Capture (HDCP Compliant) Network Streamer Video of unlimited resolution Light use of Web Browser

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