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World's First Hardware Free Video Wall

Userful Cloud connects with smart displays and eliminates the media players, thin clients, cables, extenders and other hardware typically required to display content on screens throughout an organization.

With Userful Cloud, IT teams can use smart displays for a much broader range of applications than ever before: flexible, scalable video walls, information dashboards, digital signs, video displays and more.


Deploy and manage multiple content source directly to your displays—no hardware required

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Userful Cloud and uClient App

Eliminate media players, thin clients, cables, extenders and other hardware with Userful cloud and LG WebOS Displays using our uClient app

The uClient App for webOS enables displays from LG to connect directly to Userful Cloud and includes a wide range of advanced features, such as zones, scheduling, cloud storage and more. Content is delivered directly to the display from the network

Create and display ultra-high-resolution visual content directly from the cloud to LG smart displays. Upload video files of any resolution and Userful cloud will prepare the content to display it on the video wall at native resolution.

Key Benefits

Unique Layouts

Create flexible layouts with angled rotation of individual displays for unique artistic video walls or eye-catching signage, Supports any aspect ratio (banner, column or whatever)


No need for any 3rd party hardware that could fail

Unlimited Resolution

Video walls with brilliant definition leveraging the display's full native resolution

Easy to Expand

No additional hardware is required, just add more webOS displays

No Hardware

No investment in hardware required, just webOS enabled displays (eliminate media players and/or proprietary video controllers)


Supports wireless display connection (eliminate cables)

Key Features

Cloud Managed

Administrators set-up and manage video walls from anywhere and across multi-site deployments through a browser


REST API for integration with 3rd party software and hardware, power-off etc.


Scheduling for content and configuration changes - switch sources and change zone configurations based on time and day

Zones & Presets

Display multiple simultaneous sources using zones. Create and invoke presets for multiple layouts

Multiple Source

Deploy wide variety of content: video and other content from the cloud, local HDMI or DisplayPort sources such as PC, interactive cameras, Live TV (including HDCP restricted content)


Highly secured environment with all cloud communication via SSL

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