Welcome to your Public Computing Resource Kit!
Here's part 1 to get you going.  We've included a 10 minute overview webinar, so you can get a sense of what Userful Desktop is all about.  Also, our popular e-book on setting up public computing in libraries or other spaces.  We've included a short paper that gives information about virtualization, a popular subject, especially with regard to public computing solutions.  We'll send out more items to you over the next number of weeks.  You are also welcome to call or email us any time to set up a 30-minute personalized webinar or have us answer any of your public computing questions.

Mini-webinar - An Introduction
Userful & Public Computing: Moving Towards a Modern Library

Approx Time: 10mins
Public Computing Resource Kit  - Part 1
Items for download:
ITEM: Setting Up Public Computing eBook | LINK
ITEM: Why Should Your Library Switch to Virtualization? - Editorial | LINK
Questions? Want to set up a personalized 30-minute webinar? Contact Robert Brinley, Manager Public Computing
at robert@userful.com or phone toll free: 1.800.301.9018