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Soft-KVM for Advanced Operator Workstations


Streamline Source Management

Enhance the way operators manage and interact with multiple sources from their workstations by providing a seamless, secure, and efficient means of accessing and controlling diverse sources. Improve operational efficiency and promote collaboration within control rooms, command centers, and other critical environments.

Better Visibility. Better Control.

Advanced workstation in control room

Local visibility and control of multiple sources from workstations.

Soft KVM set up with video walls and PC

No proprietary hardware required and can be used with any PC.

Screens with live sources to view

Provides personalized operator workstations to view and interact with sources.

control-room 2 (1)

Real-Time Interaction

Leverage real-time data with less than 100 milliseconds delay for minimal data transmission and processing time. 

uConduct Data Sheet

Download data sheet for summary full feature list.

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Why Userful's Platform

User Experience

Functional departments enjoy an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for the management of content and individual applications, while IT teams maintain end-to-end control of the platform from a single pane of glass.

Comprehensive Platform

Includes a complete suite of integrated enterprise AV applications allowing easy expansion to support future needs. A unified platform to deliver any content source onto any screen in any location globally.


Operates in a secure closed network environment (air-gapped mode); integrates with customers’ existing security protocols and supports SAML and LDAP for role-based access controls

Flexible Deployment

Userful’s modular, microservices architecture with 1-N server support and virtualization support gives customers maximum flexibility. Deploy on-premise or from a data center (private cloud).


Lowers TCO by freeing customers from the costly cycle of supporting and refreshing proprietary and specialized hardware.

Advanced Integrations

Userful supports a technology ecosystem through its industry partnerships and its API resulting in seamless integrations and end-to-end interoperability.


The Infinity Platform

Providing IT the all the admin tools required for the deployment and management of mission-critical operations.
  • Centralized management
  • Automatic failover
  • Browser-based (HTML5)
  • Enhanced security and system monitoring
  • Automation & intelligent workflows
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