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Security Operations Center

24/7 Situational Awareness at your Operator’s Fingertips

Userful's platform and Diamond Decisions solution for Security Operations Centers removes the limitations of proprietary hardware and ensures the secure flow of information across networks.

Security Operations
2 security guards monitor the inside of a building through live camera footage on a video wall

Faster Visualization and Response

Get the right information at the right time for effective and proactive incident response. Provide your operators with critical security information in real-time to their video walls and workstations.

Design your workspace to provide access to all information from specific sources, systems, or even other sister sites and share it in a secure and efficient manner with critical stakeholders.

Local source shared over central location and 2 sister locations, all located on different parts of a satellite image Earth

Collaborate In & Out of Your Operations Center

Provide insights, approvals, and escalations during a response no matter if the critical stakeholders are in another room, building, or geographic location.

Userful’s platform and Diamond Decisions solution for security operations centers is designed to bring the situational information at the right time, the right place, and to the right people.

Tilted 3D blue shield, with a tilted 3D white lock

Share Data Securely Over Your Network

Userful’s SOC solution is designed around critical IT infrastructure best practices for both network and physical security.

  • With a centralized system of diagnostics and alerts using “Defence-in-depth”
  • SSL over HTTP encrypted communication with servers, operators, and other critical stakeholders
  • Locked-down (RHEL/CentOS platform) for secure system updates.
  • Basic firewall that prevents most internet-originated attacks
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4.6/5 Rated by Independent G2 Reviewers
"I was blown away by how little hardware was required to use the Userful Platform - it is by farm one of the best visual platforms I have seen."
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David Walker
Security Engineer
"It’s really easy to use compared with other systems I’ve used. "
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Ben Auton
VP Operations & Security Services
"Industry-leading video wall solution"
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Jamie Orzechowski
Director - IP, Optical & Systems Operatios

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