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Corporate Signage Solution

Modernize Your Corporate Digital Signage

Eliminates the headaches associated with large-scale digital signage with enterprise-class infrastructure management and flexible content creation.
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Conventional Signage Solutions

Relies on hardware-first infrastructure that is hard to use, limited in scalability and flexibility and lacks the robust IT management tools needed to control and adapt quickly to changes.

  • Limited scalability and performance
  • Difficult to deploy and support remotely
  • Lack of management tools for IT
  • Closed-proprietary systems

Userful for Corporate Digital Signage

Provides a single end-to-end solution with unparalleled workflow flexibility for content creation tools from Google Slides to 8K video to a complete CMS. Deploy via cloud or on-premise without proprietary hardware, and get enterprise-class infrastructure management tools to scale your digital signage system as needed.

  • Centralized control and management
  • End-to-end management of displays and end-points
  • Supports multiple configurations and use-cases
  • Standard off-the-shelf hardware

Simplify Your Infrastructure

Userful's Visual Networking Platform replaces all proprietary hardware limitations with a single software-defined platform to stream any video source onto any digital signage display. No more independent systems or maintenance complexity.

Enterprise AV-over-IP

Enterprise AV-over-IP
Deploy in just about every environment, and re-imagine how we send corporate communications to areas that would otherwise not have access.

IT Standards-Based

 IT Standards-Based
Requires no proprietary hardware and in some cases, no hardware at all—operating either from an On-Premise server or from a cloud-based server.
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Key Benefits

An Easier Way to Manage Corporate Digital Signage

Create unique experiences using any display

Display any content you create at any resolution onto any screen or group of screens from video walls and LED walls to single LCD screens and smart displays.

Eliminate downtime and minimize bandwidth

Reduce bandwidth consumption. Failover option ensures that there is no single point of failure in any deployment, reducing the risk of downtime.

Future Proof and Near-Universal Compatibility

With our streaming technology, ensures compatibility for all your applications. You are not only solving your problems today, but your needs for the future.

Targeted content management and permissions

Global distribution meets local control. Targeted content to large sets of displays with tagging, while also controlling access to the right people for changing content on their displays.

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On options available to enable a more seamless user experience and comply with customer authentication protocols.

Scalable Management

Manage from a few to thousands of displays and deploy content centrally through the cloud.

emerald signage

User-Friendly Content Management System

Userful Emerald Signage is the native Content Management System (CMS) application of The Userful Visual Networking Platform developed to meet enterprise IT standards and best practice for easy-to-use content creation, distribution and management.

Easy Content Management

Easy Content Management
Enable anyone in the organization to create and manage eye-catching content and distribute it Userful’s content delivery network.

Robust Administration

Robust Administration
Provides IT manageability, roles-based permissions, and deployment policies to keep content secure and controlled.
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Use Cases

Corporate Signage Applications

Operations Dashboards

Experience Centers

Common Areas/Hallways

Lobbies & Lounge Areas

Factory & Warehouse Signage

Interactive Kiosk Signage

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