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Meeting Room Plus Solution

Simplify Meetings and Improve Collaboration

A unified communications solution that delivers advanced screencasting capabilities for small to large meeting rooms and flex spaces.

Traditional meeting room solutions

  • Require specific cable connections
  • Complex login processes
  • Expensive total cost of ownership

Userful’s software-defined solution

  • Eliminates proprietary hardware & software
  • Secure access to corporate resources
  • Integrates with leading video conferencing platforms

One Solution. Many Use Cases

Meeting Rooms

Huddle Rooms

War/Situation Room

Executive Dashboards

Better Collaboration

  • Flexible quick start meetings
  • Wired or wireless screencasting
  • Native integration with Cisco RoomBar & Room Navigator

Simplified Screencasting

Visualize data to bring teams together, share ideas, discuss projects, and make decisions


Real-time Operations Sharing

Pull in operational data for real-time critical decision making

  • Secure air-gapped environments
  • Managed user roles and permissions

Data-Driven Collaboration

Access data metrics and KPIs while collaborating to develop strategies and inform decisions.


The Infinity Platform

Providing IT the all the admin tools required for the deployment and management of meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.
  • Centralized Management
  • Automatic failover
  • Browser-based (HTML5)
  • Enhanced security and system monitoring
  • Automation & intelligent workflows
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