Our Subscription Options

Userful offers two subscription levels, basic, which comes free with purchase of annual Maintenance and Support and Advanced subscription which includes some cloud based management tools as well as other tools that are browser based and available through the cloud, but also available offline.

Basic Subscription (Free with Maintenance and Support)

Built on Amazon Web Services userful cloud provides remote browser-based access and monitoring for any connected display from anywhere in the world.

The Basic Subscription is included free with your maintenance and support.

It also includes machine inventory, an easy to use dashboard that gives a quick overview of all PC’s to helps remotely manage deployed screens. It includes centralized updates and allows customers to monitor status and health indicators across single or multi-site deployments or run diagnostics to find and fix issues with systems.

Built in reporting: usage data is centrally logged and reports can be run for individual PCs or a selected group of Userful PCs.

Email alerts: administrators can receive notifications via email of key events.

Advanced Subscription

For more advanced control and cloud management features, userful offers an Advanced Subscription. This bundle of features is available as an add on to any Userful deployment or license level whether an artistic video wall a control room or a simple 2x2 array.

Userful’s Advanced Subscription includes all the features in the Basic Subscription as well as: It includes cloud access to all your computers allowing easy central management of your video walls and displays from anywhere in the world.

Userful cloud also enables customers to transfer large video files and other content directly to their Userful server over the Internet.

Control Features:

Preset Switcher

Create and save multiple zone and source configurations across all screens connected to one PC. Staff or administrators can then invoke those presets with a single touch on a smartphone or tablet. This empowers anyone to change all sources and lay outs across any video wall or group of video walls with a single touch.

Preset Switcher is also included in Userful’s ultimate control software license tier, if you want to use preset switcher and you have an ultimate control license there’s no need to purchase advanced subscription. Note that while Preset Switcher can be accessed via the cloud, it also includes the ability to work offline within the local area network.

Preset Switcher

Interactive Viewer
Cloud Based Content Management
Cloud Access to Control Center