Visual display and video wall solutions for the transportation industry

Engage and entertain travellers, reduce
wait times and enhance transportation security

How can we help?

Userful is a visual networking platform that supports all your display or video wall needs throughout your airport, train station or transportation hub.

Improving the traveller experience from arrival to departure and every stage in between.

Transportation and security control rooms.

An interactive multi-source video wall ensures teams have the latest real time data and information at their fingertips for fast effective decision making.

Customer engagement and entertainment

Video walls stand out from the crowd, attract attention and engage passengers allowing many people to view content simultaneously.

Arrivals, departures and wayfinding

Use displays and video walls to help reduce wait times, to ensure timely communication and to reduce travellers stress levels.

Branding and promotion

Use digital displays to promote and reinforce your brand, to advertise initiatives and events while creating a welcoming ambiance.

How It Works

Userful's software turns a single off-the-shelf PC or Server into a high-end video wall and display controller that can drive 100+ screens over the network.

Display any content, anywhere at any time with an easy to use interface that allows the entire solution to be managed through the cloud.

By using commercial off the shelf hardware and the network Userful makes deployment and management simple and ensures the lowest TCO on the market.

Userful is secure, scalable and easy to manage solution with an industry leading TCO.


How it helps

Userful is a single platform that allows you to deploy high performance, flexible and secure displays and video walls for one particular need or for a broad variety of uses throughout an airport, train station, or transportation hub.

  • Reduce the costs and operational burden of running a media player or computer behind each display.
  • A scalable solution that makes it easy to deploy more displays and video walls where and when you need them.
  • Centrally manage the entire solution and the content displayed on each display.
  • Maintain security with a locked down and secure solution.

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

"The support for real-time interactive content, seeing how simple it was to manage, and also the possibilities to easily switch content sources between displays, was what really convinced me that Userful was the solution we were looking for"

Jose Manuel Fernandez

EMT-Public Transportation Service


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