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A Video Wall is a setup of multiple adjoining or overlapping digital displays. While types of setups and displays vary, a grid of narrow-bezel LED or LCD screens are typically used to create a larger cohesive display. With greater screen area and pixel density per unit cost, video walls are easier to install, support, and upgrade than comparably-sized singular displays.

How Userful Video Walls Work

Userful’s Video Wall is a versatile software solution to free organizations from the hardware costs and constraints imposed by proprietary hardware.

Userful’s video wall software supports two types of installations:

  1. Userful On-Premise turns a standard PC—configured with Userful’s software running on secure Linux CentOS—into a video wall controller, connecting generic screens over the local IP network
  2. Userful Cloud connects compatible Smart Displays via cloud without any additional onsite hardware

On-Premise Video Walls can be built with virtually any HDMI-compatible screen, such as LCD and LED displays (in up to 10k). Userful Cloud uses built-in SoC of compatible Smart Displays and the cloud for video wall configuration.

Both solutions use the same set of management tools; with an intuitive Control Center, authorized users with minimal training can easily manage video walls. Userful’s many plugins and features enable virtually any content source, anywhere on any screen—in real-time.

Since the Control Center is browser-based, it can be accessed via desktop or smartphone devices; to manage video walls locally or across multiple sites.

To determine the right video wall for your use-case, refer to our free eBook:


How Userful Works

Userful’s easy-to-use, browser-managed video wall software delivers high-end features with unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Userful’s On Premise solution uses off-the-shelf, standard hardware while Userful Cloud requires no additional onsite hardware and connects to displays directly from the cloud. Either way Userful makes deployment and management technology simple, and ensures customers don't overpay for proprietary hardware.

Userful is compatible with LCD, LED, and projection-based display systems and can simultaneously manage systems with different display types, resolutions, and aspect ratios.

Userful delivers maximum content flexibility: virtually any source anywhere on the video wall.

For more about how Userful on Premise or Userful Cloud work, visit our How it Works page by clicking here.

Future-Proof Video Walls

← Userful Video Walls are easy to build and integrate.

A software-based approach dramatically reduces costs of Video Wall installation, support and maintenance—even scaling. Userful's competitive pricing further ensures that organizations simply pay for what they need.

This way, Userful's Video Walls provide unprecedented total cost of ownership (TCO) and scalability.


Control Rooms

Monitor, Assess, and Respond

Control rooms and operation centers rely on large displays to facilitate wide-angle viewing and concurrent data feeds. These multi-source channels may also require rapid changes. Userful empowers engineers to build ergonomic and secure video walls for optimal viewing and collaboration. It also gives operators unprecedented customizability for real-time content management—right from a browser window.

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Office Walls

Communicate, Analyze, and Present

Office Video Walls consist of both front-end and back-end displays for corporate use. They’re ideal for meeting rooms, as content can be easily managed in real-time with Userful's simple drag-and-drop interface. Office Video Walls and digital displays also support KPI's and other dashboards. They can showcase branding and promotions in waiting lounges and receptions. Office Video Walls can also be strategically placed in lunch rooms for internal communications.

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Digital Signage

Attract, Engage, and Inform

Digital signage video walls in public spaces support business, communication, and entertainment. By radically advancing visual capabilities, Userful Video Walls are all-in-one canvases for television, billboards, and posters. With remote management for multiple locations, software presets, scheduling, and robust lock-down security, Userful’s digital signage is efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance.

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Artistic Deployments

Attract, Entertain, and Impress

Mosaic or Artistic Video Walls are innovative and one-of-a-kind video wall configurations. They differ from the traditional grid-style by using Userful’s unprecedented customizability—enabling assorted screens of virtually any type, size, 360° rotation and 3D layering. Artistic Video walls are especially suitable for lobbies, galleries, and unique walls used as a decorative piece; with added functionality for promotional messaging. Userful also makes it easy for staff to manage content.

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Choosing the Right Video Wall

As a leader in the display management industry—trusted by numerous Fortune 50 companies—Userful offers seasoned advice on enterprise-level video wall projects.

We have shared some of our insights in our Video Wall Buyer's Guide. This eBook is packed with valuable tips and considerations, product comparisons, and more.

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Reviews from our 2018 Survey

Userful Is Easy-To-Use and Affordable

In a 2018 survey 84% of Userful customers say it's "easy to manage" or "very easy to manage" when compared to other video wall solutions they have used.
Userful 2018 customer survery - bubble chart: how easy Userful is to use

In a 2018 survey, 58% of Userful customers say Userful was 1/2 the cost or less than other video walls they considered for their project.
Userful 2018 customer survery - bubble chart: how cost-effective and cheap Userful is to use

The Visual Networking Platform

Userful is the best way to deploy not just large video walls but display systems of every kind. A scalable, flexible and secure visual networking platform, Userful makes it easy and affordable to centrally manage all the displays that power operational productivity. business communication, collaboration and customer engagement organization wide.


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Every video wall deployment is unique. Our tiered pricing model ensures that you pay only for the features you need.

Get Instant Pricing

Every video wall deployment is unique. Our tiered pricing model ensures that you pay only for the features you need.