Video Walls Made Easy and Cost Effective

Easy-to-use software turns a standard PC or Server into a high performance video wall controller.

Video Wall Management has Never Been Easier

Video wall software that lets you display content from any source, anywhere on display walls of 100+ screens using just 1 PC/Server. Control the video wall and interact with it from a desktop or phone, locally or through the cloud. Up to 8k source content with displays in any video wall configuration imaginable.

Userful is the easy way to deploy, manage and control video walls of every kind.

How Userful Works

Userful’s easy-to-use, browser-managed video wall software delivers high-end features with unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Userful uses off-the-shelf, standard hardware which makes deployment and management simple, and ensures customers don't overpay for proprietary hardware.

By using the network Userful enables a single PC/server to support multiple video walls and displays throughout a building.

Userful delivers maximum content flexibility: virtually any source anywhere on the video wall.


A Video Wall Solution for Your Needs

Control Rooms

Video Wall

Ensure informed decision with accurate monitoring and surveillance.

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Digital Signage

Video Wall

Attract attention and get deeper customer engagement with interactive displays.

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Artistic Deployments

Video Wall

Create one-of-a-kind video walls with unlimited layouts and steal the show.

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Office Video Wall

Video Wall

Display real-time data and information throughout the office and meeting rooms.

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How To Deploy a Video Wall Within Your Budget

This video shows how easy it is for anyone to make/deploy a video wall, from the hardware needed--standard PC, long-lasting zero clients with no movable parts in each display, and existing Ethernet infrastructure and how to connect it to all the advanced features.
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Marielle Crisanti
Ease of use for end users and upfront cost savings make Userful unique in the market and highly attractive for our customers.
Marielle Crisanti
Marketing Manager at Matrix Communications
Dave Caruso
The system is intuitive and easy to set up. The cost is remarkably affordable for just about anybody.
Dave Caruso
Project Manager at ASI
Ajoy Bhattacharya
What I like about Userful is that not only did it fulfil all our requirements but it did so at a great price.
Ajoy Bhattacharya
SD of Innovation and New Tech

Results from Our 2018 Survey

Userful Is Easy-To-Use and Affordable

In a 2018 survey 85% of Userful customers say it's "easy to manage" or "very easy to manage" when compared to other video wall solutions they have used.

In a 2018 survey, 58% of Userful customers say Userful was 1/2 the cost or less than other video walls they considered for their project.

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