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Organizations around the world are turning to video walls to deliver their message and enliven their public spaces. They’re eye catching, they attract attention, in a world in which consumers are used to digital displays everywhere, video walls stand out.

A video wall processor is needed to drive anything but the simplest types of video walls. While Video wall processors have traditionally been expensive and complicated, Userful has changed that with its software that turns a standard PC into a video wall processor or video wall controller. Now, with Userful any organization can deploy a stunning video wall using a standard PC, Userful software and their network.

Userful's video wall processor is uniquely suited to address the needs of any organization requiring a video wall. It runs from a standard PC, has the power of a high end video wall processor—up to 8k source content and up to 100 screens from a single PC—with an option to add in the advanced control and management features of a video wall controller.

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Combine Userful and a PC to create a powerful video wall processor

Userful software turns an off-the-shelf PC into a browser-managed video wall processor. A standard Core i7 PC can support up to 40 displays on a single video wall. Userful also allows you to mix video walls with standalone single displays.

"A standard Core i7 PC can support up to 40 displays."

A more powerful PC is able to support up to 100 displays on a single video wall. Since all video rendering done on the PC, there is no need for expensive video cards in order to deliver professional grade video walls.

Flexibility and Scalability in one simple and powerful solution

Traditional video wall processors have a set number of inputs and a set number of outputs. They are most often built on expensive proprietary hardware. This limits future scalability. With Userful, customers don’t need to worry about the number of outputs as all content is delivered to the displays over the local area network and the number of displays that can be supported is limited only by the power of the PC being used as a video wall processor and the throughput of the network.

Userful also offers remarkable flexibility and scalability on the inputs connected to the video wall processor. Userful supports up to 8k source content. It supports real time network streaming protocols such as RTP and RTSP. It also supports HDMI capture cards allowing any real time content to be captured via HDMI. Customers can display browser based content, can play video and still images from the hard drive. There’s almost no content that can’t be displayed on a Userful video wall.

About Userful

Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from video walls to digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market.

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