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Why choose Userful, the leading virtualization solution?

Infographic on the advantages of desktop virtualization with Userful

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is often too complex, expensive and performance-limited for most of the world's desktops. Userful's unique approach to virtualization creates centralized desktops that are simple and affordable for everyone.

Containers create a cost-effective and flexible solution

Userful's container approach to VDI lets anyone offer a mix of applications, user sessions or full virtual machines all from the same appliance, each delivered inside a container. The result is a more flexible VDI solution, happier users and significant savings on servers and Microsoft VDA licensing.

No data center required

Userful's appliance approach replaces a complex multi-server data center with a simple browser-managed appliance. The result is a simpler and more cost-effective virtualization solution with significantly faster performance.

Better performance from an affordable thin client

Unlike traditional thin client devices, the Userful hardware endpoint device is the thinnest possible thin client. As a true zero client, it is essentially a network graphics card, sound card and USB hub. Much of the encoding, decoding and compression traditionally needed for a one PC per seat solution is completely eliminated. This creates a much more efficient computing architecture with two to three times the multimedia performance of a conventional thin clients, at about 25-50% the cost. Zero clients are available from many leading hardware brands. Learn More

Smiling users on a computer

Infinitely scalable virtualization

Userful's server appliance approach leverages low-cost hardware, making it simple to get started and easy to expand. Any business or organization can scale from one to thousands of servers and locations by simply plugging in more servers as the deployment grows - no data center required. It is all managed with simplicity from your browser and updated with zero downtime. Learn More

Run any application or operating system

Most VDI solutions limit operating system options by only delivering Microsoft Windows™. Userful's "container" approach to virtualization enables administrators to deliver any app or OS to users in a controlled and managed way with unparalleled performance and flexibility. Learn More

Row of computer monitors and mice

Point and click management

Userful has made browser management of virtual desktops so simple that even non-technical staff can set up and manage a virtualization install. Accessible from any web browser, the control center dramatically cuts downtime to increase productivity and eliminates management complexity, a key VDI adoption barrier. Learn More

Virtualization beyond desktops

While traditional VDI is too expensive and performance-constrained for many use cases, Userful is the perfect fit not just for desktops, but also for touch screens, kiosks, video walls, digital signs, and more. Learn More