The Visual Networking Platform for Your Enterprise

Communication and collaboration from a single video wall to a global multi-site deployment—all centrally managed.

The Visual Networking Platform for Your Enterprise

Communication and collaboration from a single video wall to a global multi-site deployment—all centrally managed.



Introducing Userful

Video walls and digital displays are vital tools for a variety of business needs—from process automation and operational productivity to improved customer engagement and internal communication.

A visual networking platform is used to seamlessly deploy, connect and manage the displays and video walls throughout an organization.

Userful is the world’s leading visual networking platform. It is a software based solution that meets the flexibility, security and central management needs of corporate IT as they integrate complex AV applications over the IP network. Display any source on any screen at any time for communication and collaboration enterprise wide.

illustration of a visual networking platform: control room,data visualization, digital signage, manufacturing

Features & Benefits

Central Managment

Easily deploy and manage all your visual display applications over IP

Reduced TCO

Userful’s Server-Centric architecture dramatically lowers hardware costs and reduces the ongoing support and maintenance burden.


Scale to thousands of displays and thousands of sources on a single platform that supports all visual display application requirements.


Standards-based hardware and software provides industry-leading security.

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First Solution To Support

 4K over the network

 8K over the network

 Server based network
 video wall

 +100 screens/single server

 +100 sources/single server

 Hardware-free video wall


Powering over 1,000,000 displays around the world

Marielle Crisanti
Ease of use for end users and upfront cost savings make Userful unique and highly attractive for our customers.
Marielle Crisanti
Marketing Manager at Matrix
Dave Caruso
The system is intuitive and easy to set up. The cost is remarkably affordable for just about anybody.
Dave Caruso
Project Manager at ASI
Ajoy Bhattacharya
What I like about Userful is that not only did it fulfill all our requirements but it did so at a great price.
Ajoy Bhattacharya
SD of Innovation and New Tech

Recent Awards

The Ultimate Solution For Every Application

control room & operations center NOC

Control Rooms

Simple, flexible and affordable video walls improve collaboration, communication and decision making in Control Rooms, Operation Rooms and Command Centers

manufacturing and product line displays


Video walls and digital displays are vital tools to improving efficiency and productivity, reducing costs and ensuring compliance in manufacturing today.

digital signage and public displays

Signage & Public Displays

Attract Attention, engage your audience. Synchronize video walls and digital signs and optionally add interactivity for deeper engagement.

video walls and displays in the transportation industry


Video walls increase operational efficiency. Leverage data and video to improve services, accelerate incident response and inform travellers.

video walls and displays in a corporate setting

Meeting Rooms & Collaboration

Video walls are a vital business tool. Ensure team members can instantly share presentations, review documents, or dial into their video conferencing system to collaborate with remote colleagues.

video walls and displays in a banking financial setting

Banking & Financial

Improve the branch experience with digital displays. Deploy video walls for dashboards, KPIs and financial data that drives decision making and keeps team members informed.

video walls and displays in a banking financial setting


Video walls and digital displays are a key marketing tool in casinos today. Use digital displays and eye-catching video walls to engage customers and keep them coming back.

video walls and displays in a banking financial setting

Sports Venues

Use digital displays and video walls to transform the game day experience and get your fans in the game.

video walls and displays in a banking financial setting

Dashboard & Data Video Walls

Information is the lifeblood of business today. Use video walls to display dashboards, share data and KPIs to increase productivity and team efficiency.


Intuitive, Powerful, Scalable Video Wall Software

Award winning easy-to-use video wall solution and industry leading TCO.

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About Userful

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada with offices around the world, Userful is the leading provider of visual networking platforms for the enterprise. Userful enables organizations to improve productivity and competitiveness by using its server-centric architecture. Userful's solutions facilitate centralized video management and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

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