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The Visual Networking Platform

Userful is the only software-defined platform that enables users to route any source content to any screen globally for operational excellence.
From mission-critical operation centers to employee engagement, from data metrics to corporate signage, Userful delivers an industry-leading return on investment. Userful virtualizes an organization’s entire visual front-end enabling the delivery of Anything-as-a-Service. Userful's Visual Networking Platform is open, API-driven, adheres to IT standards, and runs on either off-the-shelf hardware or public/private cloud for maximum scalability, security, and manageability.

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Userful for Digital Transformation and Operational Awareness

Employee engagement is essential as organizations transform in this new digital economy. Userful helps by delivering operational awareness to every member of the team from the CEO to individual contributors.

By ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time, Userful helps turn data and information into operational awareness and operational excellence.

Every successful digital transformation project is accompanied by an equally important visual transformation.

  Control Rooms & Operations Centers

Situational awareness for mission critical decision making

Interactive display solution to ensure teams are proactive with the right information at the right time.
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  Understanding Userful’s Products

Userful offers a broad range of products to meet any visual display application need

Learn more about Userful’s Complete Visual Networking Platform
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Userful Enterprise

For operation centers, control rooms and other mission critical deployments

Userful Professional+

For corporate communications and video walls

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Userful Standard

For Digital signage and other display applications

  corporate Signage & Communication

Empower team members with the information and data they need, when they need it

Increase team productivity and engagement with displays, video walls, data dashboards and a flow of real time business content.
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Customer Interview

Yusen Logistics, a global supply chain company, deployed Userful to ensure team members had the data and information they needed, when they needed it.

  digital signage

Eye-catching messaging to educate, inform and entertain

Stream video of unlimited resolution and leverage an integrated Content Management System

  São Paulo, Brazil — Retail Chain  Riachuelo

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  A platform for all my visual applications

Eliminate single application silos with a platform solution for any display application

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform enables administrators to centrally manage and control a global network of screens, video walls and other displays as well as the applications shown on them.
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  Public computing

A simple and secure all-in-one public computing solution

Turnkey, ready to go out of the box with a full suite of public computing features
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Userful Architectural Advantage


The Userful platform enables enterprises to scale their visual infrastructure at will, whether that be increasing the number of users, sources, displays, visual applications, or all of the above. Userful ensures customers can put any content source onto any display anywhere in the world in real time.


Userful puts global management at the fingertips of every administrator. Userful Manager enables customers to monitor, control and even interact with any Userful deployment anywhere globally.


Userful is dedicated to security at every level. User authentication, encryption, endpoint security, air gapped servers, information security policies, GDPR, and a solution built on industry-leading IT standards are just a few of the ways Userful has led the industry in security.

Open Non-Proprietary

Userful's open technology architecture ensures maximum flexibility for customers, no proprietary or specialized hardware, support for any display, and an API to connect with third party applications.

Future Proofed

The Userful software platform ensures customer deployments are always up to date with new features, upgrades and updates included. Userful’s ability to support any display and operate from cloud or on-premise servers ensures the platform is ready for today and for tomorrow.

About Userful

Userful is a software company that supports customers in improving their business operations from customer communication to mission-critical decision making.

Userful's technology breaks customers' dependence on complicated proprietary hardware-based AV solutions and enables them to centrally manage their display infrastructure globally.

Worldwide, Userful's innovations and solutions improve the way our customers live, work, learn, and govern.